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Should employers facilitate breastfeeding mothers?

Lisa Holt says that extending the law for up to two years could be devastating for a small employer.

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'Ireland' Twitter curator is victim of racist abuse

Michelle-Marie became the victim to a torrent of racial abuse when she began her week's residency as the curator of the @Ireland Twitter account

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Eleven from Stranger Things chats to Matt

Millie Bobby Brown, the 12 year old star of the Netflix hit joined Matt.

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What's on the box this Autumn?

RTE's Autumn Schedule has been announced

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Paul Kimmage on the highs and (mainly) lows of Rio 2016

How Was It For You? We asked Paul Kimmage for his review of Rio 2016.

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    Rewind/Replay/Fast Forward | Lost In Music

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    5 hospitalised after Roscommon crash

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    French Court To Decide Whether To Overturn Burkini Ban

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    Police In Rio Satisfied OCI Officials Weren't Involved In...

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    'I've Never Experienced Prejudice Like This'

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    The Today FM App

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    Gift - Every Sunday Game

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    How Would You Describe Fair City?