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What If....

by Paula MacSweeney  13th Jan 2017  08:49
Today FM image

...Dreams Came True?

You know when you ask a child what they want to be when they grow up and they're full of positivity and dreams? A fireman! The president! A film star! Welllll...some of us never grow out of that. 

According to reports today, more than half of us believe that we are in the wrong career. That's a whopping statistic. That means thousands of people left their houses this morning with their dreams packed away in the "maybe some day" drawer.

I only once got that twinge of the "what ifs" in the last 5 years, and that was when I watched Little Mix perform at the Brit Awards last year. What if I could sing and dance? What if I could have been a pop star? What if what if what if? (For the record, I sing like a bag of cats and have 2 left feet but SO WHAT). It's my game and I can be Perri Edwards if I want.

So - I asked the listeners of the Early Breakfast - do you like your job? And if you weren't doing your job, what would you be doing? 


I am a midwife. Never wanted to be anything else. Such a privilege to be present at any birth. Great job but getting very difficult with media pressures and litigation


I work as an electrian. Dream job would have been a stipper get all  the ladies ha  - Gerry - hmm...okay, Gerry, if ya say so


Hi Paula. I love my job so much I bought the company... Wellnaas Nutrition in Naas Monread shopping centre... mention Today FM in store today and get 20% off... thanks Simon - Simon you're a chancer and I love it


Hey P.. if I could be anything.. I'd love to be an awesome artist who gets paid to paint pretty pictures all day!! Ohh.. wait.. !!! #dreamjob lol tony the artist!


I work in a factory because there’s not much call for a 12 1/2 stone jockeys lol! Ger Naas


I'm a youth worker and love my job. Yes fell into it by accident but wouldn't give it up; work with the best team ever and best young people'


If I wasn't doing what I'm doing I would have loved to have been a national hunt jumps jockey but I'm 6ft 4" and 14 stone.
Declan the butcher in Mullingar


Hi Paula, I'm a secondary teacher, love it. This year is particularly good -  I finish at 11.40 every Friday! Michelle in Kildare - jammy!


I’m a carpenter and I would loved to have been a professional wrestler! Mickey, Kilkenny - chase that dream, Mickey


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