This could be a winner.

The Museum Of Failure is opening in Helsinborg in Sweden.

The collection consists of over sixty failed products and services from around the world.

Here’s a few examples and it's clear to see why they didn't set the world alight!

  • Bic’s ridiculously sexist “For Her” pens with flowers and pastel colours (pictured above). Because women can't use a man pen.  
  • The Harley Davidson Perfume. Chanel No.5 but with a hint of Eau De Exhaust Pipe. Nice!

  • The TwitterPeek, a device from 2009 that could do nothing but read tweets even though its screen couldn’t actually accommodate a single tweet. Jesus, we don't remember this casualty:

The museum also includes Google Glass. Remember them!

Here's a Swedish guy with impeccable English detailing those failures:

We asked Al Porter listeners to come up with their own.

Here's some of your top suggestions for Al Porter's Museum Of Failure:

Bertie's infamous yellow pants.

The e-voting machines. E-jits.

Guinness Light. Lasted about 6 months. #fail

And of course loads suggesting these yokes. Ah, water meters. #MegaFail