Last surviving member of The Bee Gees speaks to Anton

Barry Gibb, the last surviving member of The Bee Gees, spoke to Anton Savage about backlash against The BeeGees, his relationship with his brothers and about his friendship with Michael Jackson.

Speaking about his Michael Jackson, Barry revealed: “We were very close. The only other artist I ever knew that actually understood me was Michael”. He explained that the only two things that mattered to either of them were music and their kids: “we were both creators”. Barry admitted that he never believed the strife that Michael was in: “I didn’t believe it…I still don’t. I knew Michael. It never crossed my mind that he could be that kind of person”.

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Speaking about his relationship with his brothers, Robin and Maurice, Barry said the “best times were when we were together”. He joked that they weren’t like the Oasis brothers and that “we never hit each other” but admitted that they were quite often at odds.

Barry spoke about how the BeeGees had the “greatest fun we ever had in their lives” during the disco period and that once they got hit by the disco backlash a new era opened for them. He told Anton how their decision to start writing songs for other people was their way “to maintain some form of credibility as song writers”.

As for tips for a healthy marriage, Robin put sense of humour at the top of the list. He celebrates 43 years of marriage to his wife Linda on 1st September.

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Barry Gibb plays Dublin’s O2 on Wednesday 25th September.

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