It even stars Holloywood star Jon Lovitz as his coach.

Conor McGregor is taking some time off away from the world of MMA to focus on the birth of his first baby.

But, as expected, the Conor McGregor show isn't going in to hibernation.

The Pegasus World Cup Invitational (horse racing) has signed him up as the star of this bizarre new advert.

Take a look here:


To be fair, it's actually pretty gas!

And remember when we all baulked at the idea of McGregor starring in a feature-length film, with Mark Wahlberg even wanting to sign him up. After seeing this, we're pretty sure he'd be able to do it!

Some man for one man, this man!

UPDATE: They've also uploaded loads of this, eh, motivational vids to get you to enter their competition. Fancy having McGregor mocking you? Take a look!

"I can smell you through the screen"

"Quit watching cat videos in your Mother's basement"

"Hey couch potato"

"Do something with your hair"  

"Lazy arse"

"Go back to sleep with your wee little teddy-bear"

"Checking you emails? *SPOILER* You didn't get any"