Showbiz by Shauna

Irish actor Patrick Bergin is joining Eastenders ! He was last seen starring in TV3’s Red Rock but he is headed for Albert Square and will be playing an old school villain called Aidan Joseph Patrick Maguire, who is an old friend of Phil Mitchells from jail. According to an EastEnders statement, they haven’t been in touch for years so but Aidan turns up on Phil’s doorstep and it’s not long before their old bond is instantly reignited as well and they get into a bit of trouble together!

Benedict Cumberbatch has been nicknamed Benedict Moneysnatch after details of a meet and greet deal have been revealed. Benedict was the star attraction at the London Film and Comic Convention held at Olympia at the end of July and fans were charged €75 for a photo and it’s come out that he posed for 3,190 photos at the event which means a whopping £240,000 was made on photos alone at the event! That’s not to mention that £85 they were charging for an autograph! MONEYBAGS! 

And, we’ve had an exclusive first play of the brand new single from The Stunning. It’s called ‘Always You’  and it’s been likened to The Cure, Joy Division and New Order which is always a good sign. It’s from their new album which will be released in Spring 2018. I’ve had a listen to it and I have to say I’m really liking it....Go on the lads. 

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