This really works, science says so

What makes a man who worked in the higher floors of Tower Two, World Trade Centre, quit his job and become a meditation expert?

davidji's days used to consist of 5 A.M. train rides into the New York Financial District, five-minute lunch breaks, eating at his desk, all while texting on his “crackberry.”

He’d often wake at 2 A.M. with a knot in his stomach, as nonstop overwhelming thoughts relentlessly raced through his head.

On September 11, 2001 - 9/11 he stood with his staff on the roof of their office building just blocks south of Tower Two watching as the events of September 11th unfolded around them.

For davidji the psychological fallout from 9/11 eventually led to a need for him to find peace and he quit his high-paying career, booked himself on a spiritual retreat with Deepak Chopra M.D. and went off to India for months with no idea where his life was going. 

davidji has one of the most relaxing voices you'll ever hear, and was even able to create a stress-free environment in a live studio, which is no easy task!

He also revealed the tips and tricks you can use in order to control the stress and feeling of being overwhelmed in your life:

davidji joined Dermot & Dave for a chat and you can listen back to it in full here:

davidji will be speaking in The Talbot Hotel, Stillorgan on Tuesday September 12th.