The clip was to promote the 3rd season of Dara's gaming gameshow on TV channel Dave.

The clip emerged online yesterday for Dara's gameshow 'Go 8-Bit'.

The game involves the guest stars (Jodie Kid and Greg Wallace) controlling a game version of Dara and attempting to return Dara's potatoes to the dinner table.

The presenter and gaming expert Ellie Gibson struggles to even read out the description of the game, as Dara looks on bemusedly.

In the clip, Dara O'Briain exclaims: "Of course! Why would I serve anything else? Maybe a nice bowl of pasta or something? No! Welcome to my home. Have some POTATOES."

It's a pretty lazy and offensive attempt at humour from the show and the writers involved. All for a quick and easy laugh.

But Dara O'Briain seems to have taken it all in good humour, tweeting: 

Lastly, after mimicking to be a bodhrán-playing Leprechaun, O'Briain collapses his head in his hands and remarks "I can never go home".

Lazy comedy writing or genuinely offensive?


The reactions online were mixed:

'iamdb1990' on YouTube commented: