Little did she know what was in store...

'Dare To Care' is on and we're asking: do YOU dare to care??

It's on air, it's online, and it's all around us in every community - so this year we are again looking to raise A LOT of money for the Irish Cancer Society, but we can only do it with YOUR help. 

Today's darer was Róisín McGoldrick, who read our call out on Twitter (@IanDempsey / @TodayFM). She messaged in to say that the 'Big C' is close to her heart as her dad had cancer a while back, but thankfully he is still alive and well. Unfortunately, one of her best friends died of cervical cancer over ten years ago, when she was only twenty six.

The end of Róisín's message read, "So let me know how I can help! Do ye want to dare me then - do ye??!!". Them there be fighting words - so Al gave her a buzz to chat more about about her experiences, and how we can indeed "help" her out.

You can listen in full here:

The dares came flooding in after that, so we gave Róisín a little tinkle back to see what she thought of them all, and hear her reaction to what we are actually daring her to do...

Listen to our listener's ideas here:

Now we need YOU to get involved. Join us in the fight against cancer by creating your own fundraiser and setting your own targets.

G'wan, get involved and raise money, have the craic and raise money for a very worthy cause while you do it.

You can also text DARE TO 50300 to donate €4.00

Text costs €4. Irish Cancer Society will receive a minimum of €3.25. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.