Amazon have said they’ve never seen this happen before

Amazon Echo proves it’s always listening

Technology is a wonderful thing, it brings communities closer together and enables people to be more informed than ever before.

However we are all paying a price to access the best technology around today, especially in our homes.

Our data is being compromised and stories of our phones listening to our every word and recording our every move are being circulated every week.

One piece of technology that has been gaining in popularity ever since it launched in 2014 is Amazon Echo, a smart speaker also known as 'Alexa,' which responds to the commands of a users voice.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos says over 20 million devices with Alexa technology have now been sold.

Roisín Kenna, a Dublin woman living in New York City, purchased one and she is also subscribed to Amazon Prime, which makes her eligible for next day delivery on items ordered through the Amazon website.

These details are important for the story that follows...

Last week Roisín had some friends and family over to her apartment for drinks.

As the night progressed, the noise levels increased and people found themselves raising their voices.

The next morning Roisín woke up to what may be one of the freakiest overnight deliverys ever dispatched.

The following screenshots tell the story of exactly how Roisín ended up with a personalised tshirt which quoted one of the people at her apartment the night before. 

Roisín said, 'We have no idea how this happened, it could have been worse, we could have been having a blazing row and god knows what would have arrived to the door. It's just such a bizarre and specific order!'

An Amazon spokesperson said, 'To shop with Alexa, customers must ask Alexa to order a product and then confirm the purchase with a “yes” response to purchase via voice.

'If you asked Alexa to order something by accident, simply say “no” when asked to confirm. You can also manage your shopping settings in the Alexa app, such as turning off voice purchasing or requiring a confirmation code before every order.'

'Additionally, orders placed with Alexa for physical products are eligible for free returns.'

Roisín got in touch with Amazon following her delivery and they offered her a full refund, adding they had never seen anything like this before, where something so specific was accidentally ordered.

Roisín also gets to keep the tshirt.

Catch Dermot & Dave's full chat with Roisín below.