It's been driving you all crazy! You've been texting, calling and even stopping us in the street to take a guess!

And no, Googling it will get you nowhere! It came from our actual brains!

It's worth a minimum of €250 with €50 added each day its not guessed correctly.

So, because we're sound, we've compiled a list of all the wrong guesses:


Take The Time

Time To Transfer

Tik Tak Toe

Tiling Takes Time

Three Times Tables

That Thing There

Time To Train 

Thomas The Tank 

Terrible Twos Tantrum

The Tullow tank

Tea Time Teaser

Tractors tow trailers

The Terrible Two's

Thursday Thinking Thoughts

Two thirty three

Taytos Taste Terrific

Tell the truth

Totally tropical taste

Trick The teacher

Trump talks trash

Two Twits Talking

Tastes too Tangy

Turnips Taste Terrible

The Tornado Twists

Top Ten Tips.

This Time Tomorrow

Try Topping That

Throw The Towel

Thinking takes time

Talking total tripe

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P a B is A

Parking A Bus Is Awkward

Parking A Bus Is Awesome 

Popping a blackhead is Awesome

Plucking a Brow is Agony,

Putting a blanket-on is awesome

Playing a Blitz is agonising

Parenting a baby is amazing

Planning a Birth is Absurd.

Passing a bar is appealing.

Planting a bomb is awful.

Planning a Break is Awesome

Peeling a banana is artistic,

Potting a Black is Awesome

Pruning a Bonsai is Awkward 

Piercing a bellybutton is awful

Pumping a ball is annoying.

Playing A Bagpipe Is Antisocial. 

Pouring A Beer Is Awesome.

Presenting a Bafta is awesome.

Peeling a Banana is Automatic

Paddington a Bear is Awesome

Plumbing a Bathroom is Annoying

Playing a Broadcaster is Anchorman

Playing a Bass is Awesome

Placing A Bet is Addictive

President a Businessman is America

Peanut Butter is Awesome

Popping a Bubblewrap is Addictive

Pulling a Bird is Ace

Purchasing a Bitcoin is Allowed

Punching a Bully is Acceptable

Picking a Bestie is Awkward

Preparing a Brunch is Awesome

Pouring a Bailey's is Awesome

Passing a Baton is Athletic 

Perfecting a Bolero is Arduous

Producing a Beat is Awesome

Playing a Blinder is Amazing

Piercing a Blister is Agony

Painting a Butterfly is Awesome

Publishing a Book is Amazing

Pushing a Bicycle is Annoying.

Punching a Balloon is Awkward

Painting a Balloon is Artistic

Plucking a Bird is Awkward

Picking a Bridesmaid is Amazing


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Mama Mia Sequel Coming

Milk Makes Soup Creamy

Mind Maria She's Cold

Meghan Markle Suits Charming

Merry Merry Super Christmas

Molly Malone Sung Cockles

Miss Marple Solves Crimes.

Mammy Makes Savage Cabbage

Make Me Some Coffee

My Most Special Christmas

My Mate Santa Claus

My Mammy Snogged Clause

Mammy Mammy Santa’s Coming

Maria Might Select Christopher

Mickey Mouse Sings Carols

Mr & Mrs Santa Claus

Most Mancunians Support City

Make Me Some Cash



Your secret is safe

Your skirt is short

Your star is shining

Your Show is Savage

Your Story is Shocking

Your Smoothie is Sickening

Your Spaghetti is Stringy

Your Sign is Sagittarius

Your Sandwich is Stuffed

Your Sandwich is Soggy

Your Slinky is Springy

Your Suit is Slick

Your Song is Silly

Your Smile is Stunning

Your Shirt is Stained

Your Skin is Sizzled

Your Socks are Soft

Your Sister is Sexy

Your Secret is Safe

Your Sausages is Sizzling

Your Snoring is Shocking

Your Stew is Sensational

Your Suit is Stunning

Your Shift is Sloppy

Your Sidekick Is Superb

Your Shot is Smug

Your Soup is Sumptuous

Your Smile is Sexy

Your Sauce is Spicy

ANSWER: Your Scarf is Snugly 

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We Walloped Wales

Willy Warmers Work

What Women Want

Wimps Wear Wetsuits

World Wide Web

Windy Weather Warning

Wibbly Wobbly Wonder

Whiskey With Water

Whoever Wins Wins

Wild Wild West

William Wrote Words

Wet Wet Wet

When Where Why

Who What Where

Women Want Wine

Wine With Water

Willy Wonka's Wonderland

Who Wears What

Wee Willie Winky

Wet Wipes Work

Win Win Win

Wonder Woman Wins

Who Wears Wigs

ANSWER: Wild Winds Whistle


Lots of teachers mark during summer

Lots of tequila makes Dave sick

Lots of turtles must dig sand

Lots of toys make Dave scared

Lots of tomato's make delicious soup

Lots of toothpaste make dentures shine

Lots of tasty mustard dressing salad

Lots of talking made Dermot sick

Lots of totally mad Dublin supporters 

Lots of tomatoes make delicious salsa

Lots of trumpets make deafening sounds

Lots of training makes Dave sweat

Lots of tea makes Dermot sluggish

Lots of today's men don't shave

Lots of traffic makes Dublin slow

Lots of things make Dave smile

Lots of treats make dogs slobber

Lots of tuna makes Dermot stink

Lots of tomatoes make delicious salads

Lots of toilets make dripping sounds

Lots of tractors made Dave smile'

Lots of time Maria don’t sweat

Lots of toffee makes dentures stick

Lots of teachers may do science

Lots of taxi men drive saloons.

Lots of today’s men do shopping

Lots of toys make Department stores

Lots of teeth makes dentists smile.

Lots of trendy men don't shave

Lots of towels make dry skin.

Lots of tractors may drip silage

Lots of training makes Dave strong

Lots of tickles make Dave squeel

Lots of tomatoes make Dolmio sauce

Lots of Tornadoes Make Dangerous storms

Lots of Trade’s Men Don’t Show

Lots of Tele Makes Dave Stupid

Lots of Turbulence Makes Dave Scared

Lots of Thunder Makes Dogs Scared

Lots of Tea Made During Soaps

Lots of Tractors Making Diesel Suck

Lots of turkeys makes December Special

Lots of Tinder Matches Don't Speak

Lots of Toast Makes Dermot Smile

Lots of Twisters Make Dangerous Storms

Lots of Toblerones Make Dermot Sick

Lots of Tutoring Makes Diligent Students

Lots Of Teams Might Do Something

Lots Of Trainers Might Do Squats

Lots Of Top Models Doing Struts

ANS: Lots of Traffic Makes Drivers Sad


Coke Is Best Served Chilled

Cider Is Best Served Cold

Crab Is Best Served Cold

Christmas Is Becoming So Commercialised 

Courage Is Basically Staying Cool

Chocolate Is Basically Sugary Calories 

Cream Is Best Served Cold

Cadbury's Is Bloody Serious Chocolate 

Cork Is Bloody Savage Craic

Cancer Is Bad So Care

Cement Is Basically Sticky Clay

Chocolate Is But Sugary Calories

Christmas Is Bringing Some Cheer

Caviar Is Best Served Cold

Champagne Is Best Served Chilled

ANS: Chicken Is Best Served Cooked


Phone shops have credit

Puppet strings have controls

Petrol stations have cars

Pork Scratchings have changed

Punctuation still have commas

Police stations have cells

Pirate ships have cannons

Police stations have cops

Postage stamps have corners

ANS: Pirate Ships Have Captains


Ian is chocolate mad

In Italy Catholics mingle

Ireland's invincible Conor McGregor

Is it cool man

I idolise Chris Martin

Iniesta in central midfield

India is curry mad

Is it country music

In Italy cows moo

I’m in county Mayo

If I can’t move

Isn't it comedy magic

I'm in crazy mode

In Ireland cows moo

Italian ice cream machine

It's Irish cows milk

Ice igloos can melt

Iceland's icebergs can't melt

I'm into collecting moths

I'm in Christmas mode

Ice in Coke melts

Insert ink cartridge manually

Ireland is cold mostly

Is it Christmas Mammy

In Italy coffee matters

I'm into country music 

I inhale cake mix

Ireland idolises Conor McGregor

India is cricket mad

Impractical ideas cause mayhem 

I inhale carbon monoxide 

I'm in complete meltdown

I'm into chocolate mice

Ian's into country music

It is crazy money

Ireland is chocolate mad

Ireland is Celtic mad

Ian is cooking mackerel 

Irish items cost more

ANSWER: Ireland invented chocolate milk


See stars in space

Sizzling sun in summer

Small sizes in stock

School starts in September

Spaghetti shapes in sauce

Size six in shoes

Susan Sarandon in Stepmom

Snakes slither in sand

Sheer sheep in spring

Sea salt in stew

Singing songs in Spanish

Short socks in sandals

Snails slither in slime

Smelly socks in sandals 

Sand sandwiches in summer

Soccer starts in September

Spread slurry in summer

Skinless sausages in soup

So sexy in stockings

Seven seas in Sinbad

Sweet smell in success

Sesame Street in Spanish

Salsa sauce in Spain

Super sexy in slippers

Sipping Sangria in Spain

Sea shells in sand

Slugs shrivel in salt

Sound system in studio

ANSWER: Satellites spin in space


Trump is an ass

Traffic as an annoyance

Tequila is an alcohol

Twitter is an addiction

Twitter is an app

Tony is an angel

Terminator is an android

Toad is an amphibian

ANSWER: Thriller is an album


Pick my team

Pay my taxes

Push my trolley

ANSWER: Pop My Toast


Your mood is fowl

Your mailbox is full

Your mouth is full

Your makeup is flawless

Your mug is full

Your modem is fixed

Your muscle is fit

Your marriage is forever

Your metabolism is fast

Your milkshake is frothy

Your mind is free

Your muesli is fruity

Your man is fine

Your mask is frightening 

Your mouth is foul

Your mate is fit

Your mind is fickle

Your microphone is finicky

Your mattress is firm

Your mustard is French

Your memory is flawed

Your mainsail is flapping

Your motor is flooded

Your mission is futile

Your microphone is fuzzy

Your motor is fecked

Your milk is fresh

Your mash is fluffy

Your mandible is flexible

Your mango is fermenting 

Your mare is foaling 

Your meal is frugal 

Your momma is fat

Your mobile is faulty

Your Minion is funny

Your month is February

Your machine is faulty

Your memory is full

Your magic is fake

Your muscle is flexed

Your meat is frozen

Your mammy is fantastic

Your mind is fading

Your man is funny

Your manager is feisty

Your mouse is flashing

Your meat is fatty

Your mortgage is fixed

Your monitor is frozen

Your mam is funny

Your mirror is foolproof 

Your monkey is funky

Your mocha is frothy

Your money is filthy

Your microwave is flashing

Your mug is funny

Your meal is free

Your mansion is fabulous 

Your mother is family

Your media is fake

Your mother is furious

Your marsbar is fried

Your mask is freaky

Your man is farming

Your mop is filthy

Your marker is fine

Your muffin is fluffy

Your monitor is flickering

Your mattress is foam

Your match is Friday

Your mustard is fiery 

Your marriage is fake 

Your mojo is flat

Your man is fit

Your mascot is fab

Your monkfish is frozen

Your meringue is fluffy

Your match is finished

ANSWER: Your mouse is filthy - huge congratulations to Brian Burke from Galway who won €1,800 for this guessing one!


Sometimes it's sunny in Seville

Sun is shining in summer

Sleeping in socks is silly

Sometimes I suspect I'm stupid

Socks in sandals are silly

Socks in sandals are stupid

Swordfish is sold in steaks

Salpa is sexy in stockings

Sometimes in summer I sunbathe

ANSWER: Sometimes it snows in spring 


Spaniards do siestas

Sausages Dermot sausages

Some day soon*

Snowflakes don't smell

Snoring disturbs sleep

Safety data sheets

Save Dave's soul

Seven deadly sins

Save don't send

Sewerage does smell

Sharks don't shave

Slippers don't slip

Sausages don't sizzle 

Seven Dwarfs sing

Stupid damn sentences

Sheep don’t swim

Sharks do smile

Stupid deli sandwiches

Squirrels don’t spit

Special delivery service

Sip don't slurp

Skunks definitely stink 

Sometimes Dermot sings

Swans don't sing

Sugar does sweeten

Sush Dave's sleeping

Squirrels don't squeak

Same day service

Sour dough scones

Soldiers don't smile

Slotthed drive system

Santa doesn't sleep

Saints don't sin

Snoop Dog sings

Sometimes doors slam

Sharks don't sleep

Suds don't sink

Snails don't sprint 

Slurry does stink

School days suck

Some dislike sharing

Stop doing stuff

Students don't save

Should Dermot shave?

ANSWER: Starfish don't swim.

A B C Don't

A boy called Dave

Alright boys calm down

Anything but Chelsea drawing

Any body can dance

All beavers construct dams

Another bright clear day

Anything but cheese Dave

A ball can deflate

A brilliant cut diamond

All Blacks Chicago defeat

After bright comes darkness

Alpha bravo charlie delta 

A beautiful cuddly dog

Another blustery cold day

Alcoholic beverages cause drunkenness

Alight bruv calm down (in a London accent)

A big creamy donut

After Barack came Donald

A bird called Dustin

A bacon cabbage dinner

A bright colourful display

A baby can't drive

Another broken car door

A boy can dream

A bus changing direction

All binmen collect dustbins 

Anxious boys can't dance

Ask before calling down

A big cat digger

A bacon cheese double

After Brexit comes disaster

A bar of Cadbury's Dairymilk

A Boston cream donut

All babies cuddle daddy

Arguments behind closed doors

American buffoon called Donald

Another bank closes down

All cars break down

Atlantic beside coast drive

Antonio Banderas can't dance

A band called Delorentos

Adjusting blinds confuses Dave

Always be careful driving

A big clear desk

All batteries continually decline

Always bring clean drawers

A big comfy duvet

Angry birds can detonate

Adults believe children don't

Alsatians bark cats don't 

Americans brad Canadians don't

Alligators blink crocodiles don't

Animals behave children don't

Atheists believe Christian's don't

Apples bruise cucumbers don't

Acrobats balance clowns don't

Antelopes bounce cats don't

Asteroids burn comets don't

Alcohol burns creams don't

Ants bite caterpillars don't

Audiences behave crowds don't

Arsenal brag Chelsea don't

Another bus corridor don't

ANSWER: Apples bob, coins don't, fair play to Lisa from Waterford for cracking this one!!


Slane is a muddy concert 

Stirling is a money currency

Samantha is a master chef

Sudeko is a mental challenge

Suzuki is a motor cycle

Sunshine is a mood changer

Spain is a Mediterranean country

Spiderman is a masked crusader

Siesta is a mid-day map

Sagittarius is a major constellation

Scuzz is a music channel

Steak is an main course

Sugar is a mighty condiment 

Steer is a male cow

Stilton is a mouldy cheese

Spagetti is a main course

Steel is a metallic compound

Snake is a mobile classic

Shaving is a man's choice

Soft is a mouses cough

Summer is a month closer

Stampy is a Minecraft character

Sleep is a man's comfort

Sugar is a mood changer

Sligo is a mad county

Slane is a massive castle

Sing is a musical cartoon

Shopping is a mundane chore

Stupidness is a medical condition

ANSWER: Salem is a magic cat - how on earth did yee get that?!!! 


Does Dunkin' Donuts deliver

Dirty Dozen director's dead

Dermot drank Dave's Drink

Dermot detests Dragon's Den

Donald Duck date's Daisy

Didier Drogbas dad's dog

Dermot dreamt Dave's dead

Dermot dressed Dave's daughter

Dancing Des does disco

Dermot digs Devereux's dress

Dermot detests Dave's dog

Dermot delivered Dave's dryer

Don't drink Dave's decaff

Daisy Duke's double denim

Don't dunk Dave's donuts

Digger driver drives digger

Dermot destroyed Dave's dinner

Answer: Dave dunked Dermot's Digestive


Britain is a monarchy with a parliament

Bond is a man with a pistol

Bitch is a mother with a pup

Answer: Babe is a pig in a movie


The cat was bitten by the snake

The car was bought by the salesman

The cow was bolloxed in the slaughterhouse

Answer: The carpet was burned by the straighteners


The lemon is sour in the mouth

The loaf is soft in the middle

The laundry is still in the machine

The line is straight in the middle

The lent is starting in a month

The lasagne is still in the microwave

The Luas is slow in the morning

The lemon is sour in the mouth

The larks are singing in the morning

The letter is sent in the mail

The lie is safer in the mouth

The light is strong in the morning

The light is shinning in the meadow

The lollipop is soft in the middle

The Lunch is Shoved in the Microwave

The lunch is still in the microwave

The love is strong in the morning

The lark is singing in the meadow

The lever is stuck in the middle

The lady is smiling in the Mona Lisa

The Lada is stuck in the mud

The limousine is stretching in the middle

The lollipop is sucked in the mouth

The lime is sliced in the mojito

The Lego is sharp in the morning

The lettuce is soggy in the middle

The leg is stuck in the mud

Answer: The lasagne is spinning in the microwave

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