This is why we need you to Dare To Care

Angela O'Connor's daughter Lucy was diagnosed with cancer when she was just eight years old.

Angela says, 'Not a lot of people want to discuss or mention childhood cancer, however there are 200 new children diagnosed yearly and one in four will die.'

'I never thought I would be a parent of a child with cancer. Lucy loves to dance and sing and loves school! 

'Childhood cancer may be rare but it is still there and the taboos in relation to it, well they are there too.

'Since Lucy was diagnosed I have been asked questions like, what caused it? Was she a section delivery? Have you tested your other children?'

Angela says she doesn't have the answers but she knows one thing for certain.

'Give blood, it saves children’s lives, Lucy has had 12 transfusions.'

Angela first brought Lucy to the doctor when she started complaining of pains in her tummy.

Following blood tests, the returned to the GP a week later who sent them to Tallaght A&E for scans, tests and surgery to remove a mass from Lucy's bowels.

Soon afterwards, Angela was told her daughter had cancer.

Lucy began aggressive chemo just 10 days later and within a week, her hair started to fall out.

She is well now and has returned to dancing. For this type of cancer, the all clear can’t be given for five years so they have another two years of regular checkups.

Now we need YOU to get involved. Join us in the fight against cancer by creating your own fundraiser and setting your own targets.

G'wan, get involved and raise money, have the craic and raise money for a very worthy cause while you do it.

You can also text DARE TO 50300 to donate €4.00

Text costs €4. Irish Cancer Society will receive a minimum of €3.25. Service Provider: LIKECHARITY. Helpline: 076 6805278.