There were genuine fears of Sue Barker, acid rain and the sacred heart

When we cast our memory back to our own childhood, we fondly recall playing out on the road until the street lights were switched on, legging it around playing tip-the-can, and just having an altogether grand old time.

However, perhaps we're looking back on our childhoods with rose-tinted glasses, because judging from these memories sent in from Dermot & Dave listeners, growing up in Ireland was a terrifying time.

The lads asked the nation, 'What scared you as a child in Ireland,' and you sent in your hilarious responses in your droves.

My husband sprints up and down the stairs in his parents house because he has a fear since childhood that a sniper will shoot him through the glass on the front door. The house is in a rural area where nothing out of the ordinary happens. 

I had a fear of the scared heart picture hanging on the wall. He was constantly looking at me. I used to hide behind the couch and sneak up and he was still looking at me. Was so petrified. 

Hi Guys. I had a genuine fear of Sue Barker. There was an add of her giving blood. I was told that I genuinely cried  every time I saw her on the ad. Have a Terrible fear now of needles. 

I was afraid of acid rain from some 1980’s news report. I thought It was gonna sting me. Can you imagine being afraid of rain in Ireland?

'I had a Holy Mary statue on my shelf in my bedroom that used to glow green at night so I would turn my back on it when I was trying to sleep but I was also too afraid to throw it out incase I was condemned  to hell! Scared the crap out if me even on to my teens!!' 

My brother used to be afraid of the countdown clock! Used to hide behind the couch while the clock ticked down between the letter and number rounds.

'Oh my god Freddy Krueger used to frighten the be jayus out of me. My sister used to sing the song to me to freak me out! '

'Hello boy's. My fear was coastal erosion. I taught we'd all be living in Athlone by 1990.'  

'Lads when I was about 9 I was petrified of anyone hitting off/touching my neck as Xena Warrior Princess was able to paralyse and kill enemies by karate chopping their necks with two fingers therefore shutting off the supply of blood to the brain, I had a fear of my veins being blocked for years.   

I was afraid of Dracula as a child and kept a cross statue on my locker beside my bed to protect me.'

I was afraid of David Essex when I was really small. I saw him on Top of the Pops singing I'm Going to Make You a Star and I was petrified I was going to be turned into a star in the sky. In fairness I was about 5.   

When my brother was small he was terrified of going to the toilet as he thought a witch would stick her hand up and drag him down. We would have to go with him and wait outside the door. 

Hey lads, my childhood fear was the duck on Rosie and Jim on the intro to the show. Used to go and hide in a cupboard in the kitchen when he was about to appear. 

My childhood fear was " The Artane Boys Band" - Any time I'd misbehave my grandfather would say " I'll bleedin send you to Artane!" I'd know idea what he meant but it sounded bad and the only thing I could associate with it was the band, so every all Ireland day you'd find me behind the couch for the national anthem.

Growing up in Ireland during the 80s and 90s may have been a confusing time, but at least the music was incredible.

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