What. Is. Happening.

Dave Moore is a broadcasting legend, a father of four, a musician and a speaker of Russian, French, German and Spanish.

He's a sound guy but his taste in snacks is revolting.

Like, 'pack-your-bags-and-go-home-and-eat-your-revolting-snacks-alone-in-the-dark' disgusting.

In the past Dave has been known to chow down on brown bread, butter, ham and cheese with a drizzle of marmalade.

He has also indulged in cornflakes and cheese with cubes of sugar and a splash of milk.

You see? He's lost the run of himself, which was confirmed when he started waxing lyrical about his latest snack obsession.

We don't even know where to start, but the main issue we have is Dave doesn't even drink coffee.

However we've all been firmly put back in our boxes because celebrity chef Jamie Oliver has now endorsed Dave's snack. It turns out Jamie created it.

And now people around the country are trying it and loving it too.

The world is flat.