And some silly ones!

As someone who quite recently got married in secret, I wasn't really the right person to answer Frank's text this morning, looking for inspiration for wedding favours (yet another reason I'm relieved we eloped - wedding favours never even crossed my mind, ever!) 

Hi Paula - just looking for a bit of advice as I’m getting married next year and was wondering what do people give as wedding favours? Looking for something different! Thanks! Frank

However, the listeners of The Early Breakfast were on hand to offer their suggestions and experiences:


  • “Paula we had chocolates as wedding favours – they were devoured!”


  • “We got married a week before Christmas and gave little decorations for Christmas tree as wedding favours!”


  • “Morning Paula I got married last year, and my wife decided we would donate money to a heart fund organisation for our wedding favours. They sent out small little thank you cards for every table at our wedding”


  • “Paula, we had no wedding favours and we heard no complaints. They’re a waste of money, on top of all the other wasting of money that goes into a wedding day!” - Ray


  • “Paula we gave Ferrero Rochers as wedding favours. They were well received and not too expensive!”


  • "Paula we got married so long ago, we gave a mixed tape for wedding favours... I still cringe now. Our favourite songs on a tape and it wasn't cheap!"


  • “Paula we gave a tiny bottle of Jager as our wedding favours....not a drop left at the end of the night!”


  • “Kinder eggs Paula! Everyone was delighted!”


  • “We gave home-made jam Paula, made by his mother. She insisted. Looked lovely in the little pots but hardly any of the guests remembered to bring them home!”


  • “We gave tiny bags of popcorn Paula – fancy ribbon etc. Pain in the ass to make and they ended up throwing the popcorn at each other as the night went on. Wouldn’t bother if doing it again!”


  • “Paula we did scratch cards as our wedding favours in a small card holder” – Phelo07 via Snapchat


  • “How about a little tag or card that simply says thank you? You could DIY on luggage tags or print these out at home yourself!”


  • “Paula I LOVE baking and decided to bake a little iced bun for everyone. On the morning of my wedding. Was I mad? They went down a treat though to be fair!”


  • “Hi Paula. How about that wedding couple donate 2 euro per person attending to Dare to Care and instead of wedding favours, leave a note saying a small donation has been made on your behalf?” - Brian in Waterford


  • “Regards wedding favours. We got a woman in and she took photos of everyone as they arrived with their partners and then by meal time, the photo was at their table in the form of a key ring. We were married 3 years ago and guest from our wedding still carry the key ring with the photo of themselves with their partner!”