No dream too big or too small!

There is a chipper in the UK offering a job as Fish n’Chip Tester and the lucky candidate will get to eat fish and chips every day, while being paid in vouchers for... fish suppers! Not the best for the heart or the weight but that aside, it’s a dream job!

The listeners of the Early Breakfast got in touch and told me what their dream jobs were and whereas some were so filthy I couldn’t possibly print them, some were darn good. No dream too big or too small!


  • Make-up tester
  • Race-car driver
  • Puppy-cuddler (assuming the canine kind)
  • Co-presenter on Early Breakfast (door’s open! Milk no sugar!
  • Luxury holiday tester
  • Custard Cream Taste Tester
  • Lotto spender
  • Ice-cream van man (seasonal)
  • Baby turtle carer in the Maldives
  • Good luck dispenser (selfless!)
  • Cadbury’s tester
  • Spa tester
  • Santa (364 days off a year... but what a day’s work on the 365th!)
  • Bed tester
  • Beer taster
  • Midfielder for Liverpool
  • Luas announcer!