They've got no chill!

Netflix has imposed new rules for staff in order to make colleagues more comfortable.

These rules include:

No looking at each other for more than 5 seconds

No hugging

No asking for a colleague’s number

No flirting

Shout “stop, don’t do that again!” if a colleague breaks any of the above rules rules.

Good rules or PC gone mad?

Any strange rules where you work?


    • “Hey paula, RE: Netflix, couldn't you just tell your boss you're not interested and then they have to steer clear of you?! Sounds great!” - Brendan


  • “Rules where I work: no use of phone only in designated areas which are miles away and a long sleeve policy no short sleeves!”


    • “Hi Paula. I’m a truck driver - go onto the RSA website and have a read of our rules. Hash tag livin the dream!” - enthusiastic Eoin


  • “We’re not allowed say Happy Christmas to anyone, it has to be Happy Holidays in case we offend the eternally offended. Ridiculous!”


    • “Morning Sweetpea, in my job they have a stupid rule that you have to clock in and out on time and stay there all day!” - Jay


  • “Good morning Paula. Just woke up to your Netflix list. Thankfully I am married.... for 16 years to a former work colleague. I think I broke a few of those rules!” - Padraic O'Brien in Clare.


  • “At my old job, HR held a meeting to tell us that there was too much swearing on the sales floor!”


  • “If you are stuck in traffic on the way to work, you must email your line manager. Phone calls and texts are not permitted, only email. Which is pretty dangerous, not to mention illegal, if you’re the one driving”


  • “Had a workplace time our bathroom breaks and deduct them from our lunch. Nothing gives you stage fright like knowing someone is timing your business breaks!”


  • “My work place expects me to sit INSIDE whilst the sun is shining OUTSIDE!” - Mr Woo


  • “Worked for an American company as I lived in Boston for 14 years. Strangest rule was business casual dress code even when I work at home. (They said in the handbook they would be entitled to Skype me to check!)”


  • “We can't have pictures or plants or food or any form of non office supplied object on our desk.”


  • “My workplace doesn't let you use the word "problems". Instead, we have to say "challenges" if something is wrong. As a problem is a negative word, and challenges promotes the fact that there is room to fix said problem... ugh!”


  • “Weird work rules... a place where my ex worked in Carlow town would not let them listen to the late great G Ryan when he was on the radio because of some of his dirty talk. They could listen to anything else, but mainly Radio One when he was on. Some people use to wear headphone and listen to him on a Walkman.” - Michael in Wicklow


  • “One of the partners sent an email to the entire staff that employees were not allowed to gossip in the building. What was everyone gossiping about, you ask? Oh, said partner was after cheating on his wife with another partner at the xmas do. But, you know, don't gossip!”


  • You have to take empty box training to know how to handle empty boxes!”


  • “We're not allowed to laugh out loud. My boss thinks we're secretly laughing at he.. paranoia or what!” - Clare


  • “Worked in a call centre, no standing or getting up - we had to sit at all times. I’d rather stand for that length of time!” –Paul in Cork


  • “Paula I just remembered a great rule. I don't think it was meant to say this but it was written therefore it was law. We weren't allowed to crash our company vans on private time. So we reckoned if we did it on work time we were grand!” - Niall in Tipp