Club 30 Plus

Thomas Cook announced last week that they’re exploring the possibility that they may finish the famous “Club 18 to 30” holidays after this summer, as interest has dwindled among Millennials.

In my 20s, I always wanted to do a Club 18-30 holiday. It sounded like the perfect holiday with friends – sun, sea, sand and... sangria. Party after party for a week or two – lovely!

However, you couldn’t pay me enough to do one of those types of holiday now. All I want is a good night sleep, some nice food and some sun. How times have changed!

What we need is a Club 30 Plus holiday package, to cater to the needs of those of us who neither can nor want to hack it anymore.

What else should be included?


  • Paula you need a kids club – vital for a 30+ holiday when you have sprogs. You wouldn’t have a minute to yourself otherwise!


  • There should be naps included in between day-time beers.


  • Paula essential for Club 30+ is that there is nobody around who is aged 18 to 30!!


  • Guaranteed sun-loungers. You should be assigned one on the first day and that's that. No wondering if you'll get a lounger because of selfish gits who leave their towels down on empty ones for hours on end!


  • Paula teabags, essential for Club 30+


  • Always ask:does the hotel have any rules about noise after a certain time in the evening? No? Okay, keep googling hotels then!


  • Paula make sure you have a sea view because you’ll be listening to the kids argue just like at home, only with a sea view


  • Paula headphones, that has to be included in Club 30+. Not so you can enjoy music by the pool, but so you can drown out kids’ voices. All kids!


  • Paula, my only rule in Club 30+ is that all bars serve Pimm's!.


  • A bar with Sky sports , WiFi and an adult only restaurant