That last trickle of water out of your ear after swimming...

We’re talking about tiny, satisfying things that make you happy... you know when you feel a bit sad for yourself because of how happy you got doing something really dull? Like buying a new duvet cover (hey! Skeletons are cool, dancing skeletons are even cooler and when they’re orange green and purple, they’re off the scale!) Check my Instagram if you’re a bit lost – paulamacsweeney.

Anyway, the second time I felt that sadness yesterday because of my own happiness was when I brought home the new squeegee I bought – not just any squeegee. It had a spongey cloth on one side, a squeegee on the other and it extended! Which is handy as I am a hobbit. Delighted with my clean windows and my life!


  • “Paula I got a spray tan for 20 quid last week and I strutted home. I was just delighted!”


  • “Paula my husband cleaned the gutters and the drains around out house after Ophelia on Tuesday and I can tell he’s delighted, wanna know how? Haven’t heard the end of it. My god, if I bragged about every little thing I did around the house I’d never get another thing done! My happiness is kicking of the shoes at the end of the day. I’m a nurse and my feet kill me!”


  • “Paula, packed away all the summer and lighter clothes last weekend. Made a load of room in the wardrobe and drawers. Satisfaction!”


  • “In a bed with fresh sheets, after a shower.”


  • “Paula last night my friends met up for a midweek glass of wine (we do this about once a month) and I skipped it. I was in bed at 10 thinking that going to sleep when you're really tired is amazing. Now I’m sad for myself for being so happy. Don’t tell my mates, I told them I had to work.” – D in Dublin


  • '”Morning Mrs Sweet P. Got a new pair of 100 Miles Running Socks last week. Put it this way, they're like 2 mini duvets for yer feet out running. Saaaad yet HAPPY! Up n at it everyone, have a great day! Whoop Whoop!” - Shay


  • “Morning Paula getting someone's power back on after being off for a few days is one the most rewarding things!” - Diarmuid the linesman '


  • “Paula I woke up at 2am and realised I had loads more sleep! WOO!” - Carla in Dublin


  • “Going to bed, knowing you don't have to wake up for ANYTHING in the morning!”


  • “Nothing makes me happier than some nice stationary especially a good pen. I know, I know - it's sad!” -  Will.


  • “Hi sweet pea it was my birthday last month and my bff Cora got me 2 bales of briquettes and 2 bags of turf. Very happy bunny!” - Grainne


  • “When a song ends perfectly when you arrive at your destination. That just happened after Paul Simon, Paula and I am so satisfied! Sad for myself. But delighted also. Giz a beanie!” - Dee in Cork.


  • “When your dog cuddles up to you and falls asleep on your lap! Bonus: they're like a hot water bottle that doesn't run out!”



  • “Paula there's nothing more satisfying for me after a long day in work than sitting down to watch The Barefoot Contessa cooking show on Food Network. Tell no one it'll ruin my rep!” - Kev in Wicklow


  • “Paula the first shower after Electric Picnic!” – Ed in Clare


  • “Paula taking the bra off am I right?” - Sue


  • “Paula on my way swimming, like I do every Thursday before work. The sad thing that makes me so happy is feeling that last bit of water trickle out of your ear after swimming!” - S in meath


  • “Pushing your hand deep into a big bag of rice, either that or slowly lowering a metal chain down in your open palm. YAAAS!”


  • “Arranging the notes in numerical order in my wallet, BLISS!”


  • “Paula...a sequence of green lights...!”


  • “Getting into a freshly made bed after a bath and covered in baby powder!”


  • “The sight of your toasted cheese sandwich when you cut it open and the cheese just sort of strings apart oooh!”


  • “Satisfaction for me is getting home to Donegal after working in Dublin all week for a big hug from my 2 beautiful girls. Hair starting to get light on top. My youngest says daddy you’ve got a hole in your hair. Any chance of a beanie?” - Shaun the chippie