Beware: everything and anything can get you.

Yesterday, Irish Ferries announced that they were cancelling 6000 bookings as their new ship, the WB Yeats, was delayed again. Nightmare! Luckily, everyone who got in touch with the show this morning had been offered alternative journeys by Irish Ferries and so would still get their holiday this summer. One or two people are losing a day at the beginning or at the end - and some are gaining a day or two so all in all, they're satisfied with how it has worked out.

However, holiday plans don't always work out... have a read of these and please use sunscreen, mind your money, don't act  the maggot in the pool, be careful of car doors, bring spare clothes in your hand luggage... etc. 



  • “We went on holidays to Disney World in the year 2000.... god bless the celtic tiger. Arrived very late and just wanted to get into our hotel. Mam goes inside to check in and comes out an hour later. We're all frustrated and tired and start arguing, she whips open the car door to give out to us and cuts the side of her head open. We spent the night searching for a hospital and then waiting for her to get stitches!”


  • “Food poisoning on day 1 of holiday in Turkey. It was so bad, it knocked me for 5 days...we were only there for a week! WORST EVER!”


  • “Paula I got stuck at the top of a ferris wheel years ago for 2 hours in France! I still remember it. AND my stupid family wouldn’t go up with me so I was on my own, with them all laughing at me on dry land!”


  • “When I was younger I sprained my neck in Salou messing by the pool. The following year in Bulgaria I got ear infections in both ears simultaneously. Anytime I go on holidays something happens to me, I went to Morocco 2 years ago in 30 degree heat and got a head cold for the week!”  - Mick on the way home from the night shift


  • “14 years ago we got married in Vegas. My husband was chewing gum and pulled out a filling. Next day I got sunstoke and spent 12 hours throwing up. Then we got to LA and he was in agony. No dentist open, so went to A&E. Had to hand over a credit card before they would see him. 1000 dollars later he spent most of our honeymoon in the hotel room unable to speak eat or drink!” - Annie in Carlow


  • “I was going to Tanzania to do a marathon in March this year but got caught up with Storm Emma. Flights cancelled and airport shut down. Eventually the airline got me a flight... for the day I was due to come home”


  • “Hi Paula we had honeymoon in Sri Lanka. Bags arrived 4 days late and had to eat room service for those 4 days as we weren't allowed to eat in the restaurant cause we didn't have correct attire! On the second week I got a viral infection in bed for week.” – Tim in Cork


  • “Was robbed in Rome. Every penny I had taken by a pickpocket. How clichéd!”


  • “Hi Paula when I was on my first holiday with my new girlfriend in Lanzarote, the ‘94 World Cup was on. We arrived as Ireland’s first match was about to kick off so I told her I would go to the Irish bar look at the first half of the game and come back for her at half-time, when she was ready. Well after a few very big vodkas, I got talking to a group of Irish guys and girls... and I sent one of the girls up to the apartments to get my girlfeiend at half time. My girlfriend wasn't ready and she had to stand in her towel put her make up on, get dressed and walk to the pub with someone she never seen before. It was a cold week in Lanzarote... we didn't talk for first 3 days. Happy ending though - went on to get married and have 2 lovely kids!”


  • “Broke up with my boyfriend a week into  our holiday 6 years ago. Fun times!”


  • “In Turkey a lot of the public toilets have people outside that you have to pay some small amount of money to in order to use them. We were out one day and my dad wanted to use the toilet, so my dad handed the money to the woman outside, and went to go in. Except, this woman wasn't a toilet attendant. She started screaming "You think I am toilet attendant? YOU THINK I AM A TOILET ATTENDANT??? RAAARRGHH!!!" in broken half German half English and started chasing him down the road waving her handbag at him. Almost died of laughter!”


  • “Good morning Paula got married in 2010 and went to Lithuania for Christmas. The in-laws ended up in hospital with double pneumonia and swine flu!” - Con in County Louth


  • “Got so badly sunburnt in Thailand every time I smiled my face cracked”


  • “Went on holidays as an adult with my parents a few years ago, they wore matching outfits and bumbags. It was horrifying!”


  • “In the 1990s, my boyfriend booked a surprise trip to London for us. We arrived in the city centre and he then confessed that he didn't have the hotel details. He had booked through a travel agent, this was Friday night and they wouldn't be open until Monday. I spent almost 2 hours in a phone box trying to find a hotel. Great start to a weekend away. I did go on to marry him but I always book our holidays!” - Mary, Wexford.


  • “Hi Paula, on a bus tour in Morocco, my seat belt wouldn't open. The driver had to cut it open with a knife. I was MORTIFIED!!” - Lorraine Smyth from Dundalk