"Pull hard lad!!!"

We've noticed that some of the things overheard while going to a GAA match can strangely  be appropriate when a bit of horizontal jogging takes place.

Next time you go to a football or hurling game you won't be able to keep a straight face when you hear these blurted from the sidelines.

These are the 10 GAA Phrases Overheard In The Bedroom as suggested by Fergal D'Arcy show listeners.

We recommend reading these in your best Mícheál Ó Muircheartaigh of Marty Morrissey voice:


  1. "That looks like one for Hawk Eye"

  2. "She's in his back pocket"

  3. "Two hands on the hurley!"

  4. "The greasey conditions out there aren’t suiting him"

  5. "Go Down on It"

  6. "What d’ya think of that Joe Brolly!?"

  7. "Not the blanket defense again!"

  8. "You better up your game or you'll be benched next week."


  10. "He'd put his head where you wouldn't put a shovel"