If you think you're having a nightmare, these might make you feel better.

Today, Wednesday, was one of those days in work. Everything that could go wrong did go wrong and I was a little bit flustered at technology and why it was failing my show. However, we trundled on and after you read some of these, it'll put your "bad-work-day" into perspective. Promise!


  • “Paula if you think you’re having a nightmare in work today this will make you feel better; I spilt hot coffee on a client last week. A new client. I’m an accountant and she was so upset she’s taken her business elsewhere.”


  • “I show up. Each day that goes by it gets worse and worse. Everyday ends up being worse than The previous. So, whenever I'm at work that's the worst day.” – Miserabe Dave


  • “Morning P. That woman changing accountants over spilt coffee.... I'd say she’s fun at parties, the sour trout. My wife however spilt 2 glasses of bubbly over 2 people she was serving afternoon tea to... she made it better by giving them a bottle of it on the house!” - Dara


  • “Hey paula. When I was 16 I cut  off both my thumbs while working a summer job between 5th and 6th year. Luckily after numerous operations they were able to be saved. It happened on Friday the 13th.” - Ciaran in Kilkenny


  • “Morning Paula. Regarding one of my worst days at work, the following incident would rank fairly high. As a Science teacher I had ordered a set of kidneys and bladder for a class dissection. Anyway someone in my local abattoir had a weird sense of humour as he never emptied the dead cow’s bladder. Anyway when I lifted it out of the white plastic bag the contents covered my shirt and tie with its yellow liquid. I had to wear my lab-coat for rest of the day!” - Sean in Tralee


  • “I went to give a presentation to audience of 100 ppl at my workplace, and got stage fright. I forgot everything and stood like a pillar for few minutes. I left my job in embarrassment.”


  • "I went to work for an insurance company. First day, they asked me to sell the product to them as best as I can. I was going on and on about car insurance and they stopped me and had to explain that I would be selling life insurance."


  • “People responsible for training were on holidays when I started. So I had to learn on the go and then nothing happened when they returned.”


  • “My boss was actually sacked on the same day. The guy that hired me.”


  • “Paula my worst day in work has to be when I worked in cash and transit and on my first delivery, I found myself on my knees with a shotgun to my head! Has to go down as my worst day ever in work. Thank god I left that job behind.!” – Tony Tullow


  • “Well Paula I have to tell you my worst day ever was when I told a fisherman in Australia that I worked as one in Ireland as well. So I got the job and we set out for the Indian Ocean, 200 miles of Perth. All I can say I couldn't move for two days without vomiting with sea sickness. I was 19 getting on the boat and about 50 getting off!” – Conor in landlocked Tipp!