She started off on the wrong foot.


We managed to track down the bride, Lyndsey, and spoke to her about the whole ordeal. We even had a little surprise for her. Scroll down to hear Muireann chat to Lyndsey!

A woman in the UK had a very eventful wedding night. And no, not in that way. 

The bride was enjoying her wedding night when C'est La Vie by our very own B*Witched started playing. All was going well until the dance break in the middle where it is customary to break into Ballaí Luimní. 

Unfortunately, she seemed to lose her footing, and ended up breaking both legs. She was spotted in A&E and was overheard telling the medical staff what had happened.

Initially, people were skeptical about the truth behind the tweet. But that all changed when her brother posted a photo of her in the thread.

To add to the pandemonium, B*Witched themselves even weighed in on the action:

Who would have thought or beloved C'est La Vie could cause such havoc?