Impulse buying at it's finest

Honeymoons are a time of celebration. And what better way to celebrate than investing in some property? Gina and Lee, a couple from the UK, were on their honeymoon in Sri Lanka when they came across a business opportunity they couldn't refuse. Unfortunately, this opportunity came when the couple were a few glasses of rum deep...

While in the holiday resort of Tangalle, they found out the lease was almost up on the hotel they were staying in. They were so enamored, and inebriated, that they decided to inquire about buying the place.

However, they had to enlist a translator as all of the business talk was in the local language. As they couldn't understand a word of the conversation, they decided to busy themselves by drinking more rum. Solid plan.

The result of this was them investing over €35k in the resort:

“After some bartering, we finally agreed that we would pay $39,576 for the three-year lease and pay $19,788 in the first year and the other half by March 2019,” say Gina.

The plot thickened when, a short while later, they found out they were expecting their first child, which made this impulse buy a massive burden.

Thankfully, it has all worked out. The couple renovated the building and reopened a seven-bedroom bed-and-breakfast, which they renamed "Lucky Beach Tangalle" and business is booming.

They have, however, decided that all future decisions are to made in a sober state.