Getting stuck in random places...

Now, we’ve all been stuck in traffic, but maybe there was a time you found yourself stuck in a lift!  There are some days when maybe it’s best not to leave the house; especially if you end up becoming the subject of a fire brigade rescue!! 

Well, spare a thought for the old age pensioner who recently got his crown jewels trapped while on holiday in Alicante.  The 70-year-old’s nether regions slipped through the slats in a folding chair.  Worried about prizing his precious cargo free, it was deemed best to call in the emergency services.  This led to not one but three fire engines pulling up outside the hotel to deal with the dilemma! 

The fire fighter who helped tug the old guy free has yet to come forward but one of his colleagues did say they thought it was a prank call at first.

Have you ever found yourself stuck in a strange place?