This is incredible.

We've all experienced the heart stopping moment you realize you've left your phone/bag/wallet on the bus. You try to convince yourself you have it somewhere on your person, but deep down you know your former property is carrying on the journey without you. 

Research in the UK has found that in the last year 766 backpacks, 644 coats, 683 mobile phones, 593 wallets and nearly 400 umbrellas were left on trains, the majority of which were never reunited with their owner. 

The Royal Philharmonic Concert Orchestra decided to take the matter into their own hands in the hope of helping people find their lost property.

They wrote a piece of music with 11,304 notes, representing the number of items found on trains in the last year, and called it "An Ode To My Former Owner." They then performed this piece of music for commuters using items that had been found, including umbrellas and a surfboard. 

The research also revealed some of the more unusual items that have been found on trains in the last 12 months:

Prosthetic leg

7 ft Surfboard

Stuffed toy kangaroo

Cut out of US president Donald Trump

False teeth

Inflatable cactus

Bag of condoms

£2,500 cheque


Star Trek costume

You can catch the full performance here:

We have to say, we're pretty impressed!