Maybe we are all secretly disgusting...

This morning, Bee in Wexford got in touch looking for listeners of the Dermot and Dave show to help her answer a huge, significant moral question...

Is it okay to leave food packaging in the supermarket? 

Bee's point was that we're paying for the food, and then paying to have the packaging, which we don't want recycled. 

This brought us on to the topic of 'supermarket etiquette' and do we all have some SERIOUS opinions on what's right and what's wrong. 

Do you leave your unwanted items anywhere you see fit like our own Dermot Whelan? Maybe you're like Dave and you'll go to the ends of the earth to return it to its rightful home?


Have a look at some of our listeners pet peeves and see if any boil your blood. 

'Girl on tills once stuck her face into a pot of basil I bought to have a sniff, Mark, Dundalk '

'Some day a guy will be in the shampoo aisle and remember he was supposed to get bananas too, and he'll be thrilled with Dermot saving him walking back 5 aisles.  One mans wrong place is another mans right place. Ronan. '

'I'm with Dermot!!! I leave stuff everywhere !!! I also squish cakes as I pass them and if I drop something I discreetly kick it under the shelves!!! Maz on maternity'

'I'm that person who goes around picking things off the ground that have dropped and puts them back on shelves to help the staff. I don't work in retail I'm just a GOOD PERSON. Be less Dermot and more Nikki Bradley. And before you say "ooooo aren't you great!" Yes. Yes I am.'

'Worked from 16-21 in Dunnes. Owned the grocery floor in my later years ad a weekend worker. So much so, used to test new starters, who always started doing laps with the big wide brush... Used to purposely break jars of honey, which is most troublesome. Spillage in aisle 3!!! Dj'

I agree with that lady. I want to leave all the fruit packaging behind me too. If we did they may take it on board and go back to loose fruit and veg. Plus u can buy the quantity you want and reduce waste. I have lovely reuseable mesh bags for loose fruit and veg. Sinead in Wexford. '

D&D, a good few years ago I was in a well known supermarket , and spotted this man filling some salad into a container from the salad bar, back in the day when u paid by the size of the tub and not the weight. He couldn't fit it all in, so he ate what remained on the spoon, and put spoon back for the next person to use. Have never bought from these open salad bars since! Joey


Hey lads nothing angers me more than seeing chilled food dumped in random place , they must throw away as don’t know how long it’s out such a waste πŸ˜‘😑😑

The worst people in the supermarket are the people that hover and slowly encroach on you at the self service tills after you have paid. like, back the hell up, I've packing to do yet.... And now I'm packing slower. Passive aggressiveness all the way lads!. Sean in Maynooth

I really hate it when people block the full aisle whilst they browse. This is especially bad in the German discount shops which have narrow aisles. These people usually end up facing a shelf, still with a solitary hand on their trolley behind them (it is perpendicular to them). They think they’re the only ones in the shop. Oh excuse me for wanting to get by you when you have as an important decision to make as to what color and grain length of rice you want to buy!!!! Aaaaarrrgghhhh! Declan from Ratoath.