Over the weekend, Dermot was at a gig that had a complete ban on phones and taking pictures. 



We asked you what you thought of a no phone rule for concerts and it seems like we're all in agreement that it would be welcomed!


My phone died when I was waiting for Take That to start in 3Arena last year, so I made my way up to front and it was the BEST gig ever! Really enjoyed the organic concert experience. Had the phone out at Taylor swift at the weekend and still enjoyed show, but caught myself trying to get pics and missing parts of the show so I put it away! Jessica

I work gigs and the number of people who spend time on phones during a show is ridiculous, taking photos, recording, or checking social media it's mundane. Put the f****** thing away for 90 mins! People just can't do it, sometimes missing the show. Some artists are very strict about it but not enough, should be a rule across the board - NO PHONES

Hey there, a friend of mine is going to see Jack White in Paris where there will be a camera/phone ban. However, he has photographers in the crowd at his own expense so that concert goers can download photos from that show for free. Long time listener, first time texter, Neil South rest France

Absolutely agree with no phones at gigs. Was at Kodaline in Malahide recently, and did not enjoy the experience due to the amount of people in their mid 30's plus incessantly taking pictures. The number of people I saw with their backs to the stage taking pictures of their groups not watching the gig. I am 38 and just wanted to enjoy the experience

Morning Dermot & Dave, I would LOVE if there was a rule here of no phones. I am so sick of going to gigs and not being able to see or hear because the morons around me have phones and iPads held up videoing and are just talking sh*te to each other, or taking selfies facing away from the stage. Go home and watch them on YouTube if you don't want to listen and watch the bloody band! It must be awful for the band too just seeing phones in their faces