Taking a stand with your parents...

A listener got in touch to reveal that over the Easter weekend she decided, after a few large shandies, the time had come for herself and her boyfriend to stay in the same bedroom of her parents' house!

According to the texter ‘L’, she and her fella have been in a relationship for 3-years they live together but have never ever plucked up the courage to ask if it would be okay to sleep in the same room when visiting her folks. Well, all that changed after those cheeky shandies.  What happened in the bedroom was of a PG rating - there was strictly no funny business, but the slagging the next morning was mortifying.

Did you ever take a stand and not ask your parents?  How did they react when they found out your significant other was sleeping in the same room?  Did you have to deal with their disapproving looks the following morning?  Then again, maybe you live in a Home and Away house akin to Irene Roberts – all the kids can stay in different bedrooms, it just doesn’t matter.  But for an awful lot of people it’s a big deal. 

Here are s couple of your stories about throwing caution to the wind and not asking for your parents’ permission?