They seemed totally normal at the time.

Ah the good old school days. You took everything the teacher said as bible and would lose your mind if there was a dog in the yard. A place where many of us simply accepted what was going on around us and never stopped to question some of the strange goings on. 

However, in hindsight, some of the things that went on were quite bizarre and the Early Breakfast listeners had no shortage of these stories:

It was weird when the teacher was very late for class only for one of the lads to go look for him only to discover him with PE teacher watching Cheltenham in the gym. Never liked Economics anyway.

It was a strange day when one morning a guy next to me opened his locker only for a small dog to jump out. Some lad had put him there earlier that morning. Funny at the time.......

Pamela, where do I start! We had two monks in our school, one was the principle, he would cover for any teacher that was out sick, one time when he was covering our class (3rd class 1986) and he had been out the night before, the milk arrived  and back then they were small glass bottles with the foil caps, he took one, dropped it, it smashed all over the floor infront of me and my friends desk, so as ya would he decided the best way to clean the mess was to put his foot on my friends schoolbag and drag it all over the spilt milk and glass to "mop it up" then kick it back under the desk. Geoff listening in Finland

Maths teacher who spend his time teaching on a desk picking his nose in front of us. Patrick

Hi there, Dave from Limerick here..When I was in school in Limerick ten years ago one of the lads took his shetland pony into class and it took the teacher ten mins to find out...needess to say 1 of the funniest days of my life! thanks love the show

Every now and then in 6th class in 1994 we had a substitute teacher.He was keenly interested in ensuring we were aware of the key role the Soviet Union played in defeating Nazi Germany. I still remember the sound of the chalk as he drew Marshall Zhukov's army encircling the German 6th Army at Stalingrad. We were a class of 12 year old boys and loved everyone of those classes . Rory

Hi Pam, in school one of my mates brought in his pet ferret in his school bag and introduced him to the girls in class as "Gizmo"........scared the bejaysus out of them! Hilarious. Keith