The school banned the school bags for health and safety reasons.

In a rather bizarre move, a school in the UK has banned it's students from carrying school bags.

Spalding Grammar School cited health and safety reasons for imposing the ridiculous ban and in retaliation some students have been getting creative about how they carry their books around. 

Jacob Ford, 17, decided to get one up on the school authorities and use alternative methods for carrying his books. First there was the wicker basket.

Then came the pièce de résistance: the microwave.

As well as this, he wrote a 3,000-word essay in which he outlines the various compromises that could be made.

He ended up being suspended for 2 days for refusing to give up his mobile phone which he had been using to keep his mum updated on how his peaceful protest was going.

The principal of the school has he believes Jacob was behaving in an inappropriate manner and expressed his disappointment that Jacob's mother publicly supported Jacob rather than condemning his actions.