We need your help

Anna in Monaghan is a woman with a dream. 

She wants to write the next big hit. She's got the lyrics, but that's where she needs the help of the listeners of Dermot and Dave. 

We're looking for songwriters, musicians, producers, singers and just about anybody who knows anything about music. 

Here's one of Anna's songs...

Game Over

You set the rules from the very start, we do this all your way

You pulled me in and held me there, the game of me in play.

I swallowed every story, shook off every doubt;

My gut had warned me early on, but your persuasion drowned it out 

I thought I could be the person, to set your mind at ease

Carry you passed the anger you felt, do whatever it took to please.

For all those years, I was right there; gave it all, everything I could

You abused my love, my gift to you; were you only out for blood?

You broke me down and held me there; my worth in colour black

Look at me, what you’ve done; look at me, don’t turn your back!!

But this time is it; last one to see, my shadow in the dirt

This isn’t me, I’m more than this; I’ve nothing left to hurt

I’ll make it to that person who rises from my knees

Rebuild the strength you stripped from me, I’ll be now who I please!!

I’ve released the hold you had on me, my mind is clear; I’m done

I’ll walk away, leave you for dust; game over, you’ve had your fun!!

 Are you reading this and thinking 'I'll have a pop at that'? 

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