When one of your siblings taped over Top Of The Pops.

There's no denying that kids today are growing up in a very different world to that of their predecessors. Social media has opened up a whole new world for them and technology has come on leaps and bounds. And while there are undoubtedly advantages to this modern world, there are also huge downsides.

The concept of not being able to pause the TV may be inconceivable to some children today but those of use who grew up pre 21st century know the struggles all to well. As always, the Early Breakfast Listeners were on hand to remind me of the simpler way of life back then.

When one of your siblings taped over top of the pops. Absolute carnage. Sinead

Walking to school in big groups , fighting over the crust on bread , Friday treat day where now every day is a treat day. Ben

The excitement of getting post?? I remember finding pen pals. I try to explain that to my kids now & they are like Why would u write to a stranger...? & esp today when I warn them not to talk to strangers online. Maria

Waiting for weeks to see a music video premier on MTV. Carol

When you’d get a new housephone and fight over who got to keep the old one as a play phone.

Going through the phonebook and looking for all your friends names. Karina

Getting a new episode of Friends and not just reruns! Steph

Morning Pamela... today's kids will never know what a call card is ....... From Brendan 

Morning Pamela. Kids of today will never know the joy of heading off across the fields and only coming home when you're hungry. The fun of answering a payphone on the street and trying to let on its not a wrong number to the person calling. Building a tree house out of scrap and it then being the ultimate house. Stink bombs in school. So much stuff. Niall 

Pamela, All the aforementioned things, tree houses, taping out phone numbers in the old pay phones with the A n B buttons, but above all else, back then, a Curly Wurly was at least 3inches wide and a foot n a half long!!! Shay 

Split screen gaming Pamela! Kids today will never know the pain of trying to play golden eye on the Nintendo 64 with 3 other people on a 14 inch TV screen split into 4 tiny squares! Darragh

Pam,When we use to go play man hunt for hours, build tree huts,get chased by the local farmer, doing nic nacs, kids these days will never know that thrill. Ps I’m only 30 and probably sound 50! Rob