Why do I have blood and bones? TAKE THEM OUT.

It's official - although it can drive you crazy at times, children who ask questions all the time are brighter in school. Makes sense, really. 

However - not every question can be answered honestly... and not every question is kind (made worse by the fact that children have no idea how asking someone who isn't pregnant when they're "getting their baby" isn't kind - they're just saying what's in their head!)


Have a read:


  • “Welcome to the world of awkward questions Paula - and curse that study! When you have 4 kids asking why all the liv-long day, it's a bit hard to be encouraging! I explained to our eldest a few years ago what the A.I. man was doing to the cow... is that how mammy gets babies in her tummy? he asked!” - Joe in Wicklow


  • “Paula my 4 year old asked a woman last week when she was getting her baby. The woman wasn’t pregnant and I wanted to die. Had to fumble through an excuse saying something like, her aunty is pregnant and she thinks every woman is pregnant now... argh!”


  • “Paula my little one asked me last year if I had a baby in my tummy. I’m a 44 year old man who has eased off the beer!”


  • “4 year old asked us - Why do you have blood and bones in your body? I don’t want them, take them out!”


  • “Why do boys have tails? That was an interesting one!”


  • “Toddler asked Who is this and why? (holding a Satsuma)


  • “Why is it raining today?  It’s ‘Sun’day!”


  • “In the middle of dinner, with no context: What did it feel like on your last day of being a child?"


  • “My son who was 8 years old at the time asked me why he has to obey my rules. I said to him "My house my rules" to which he replied: the house belongs to the bank mum! What do you say to that?!” - Patricia, Co.Waterford


  • “Morning Paula, the nephew asked me one time if a boy will ever be born that can swim faster than a shark?” - Dermot, Bohermeen.


  • “My sister in law was asked hey mum u know when u die..? She was expecting the heaven question when Kelly said, well can I have your jewellery?!” Anne in cahir


  • “My lil 8yr old made her communion last week- and she asked how much Body of Christ do you have to eat before she eats a whole Holy God. Fair question!”


  • “Good morning Paula. When my son was almost four he asked what colour the bin was. I said brown. To which he replied that's right Daddy, well done!. It was hard to keep a straight face.” - Vince


  • “A few weeks ago I asked my four year old how they slept. She answered... I closed my eyes and it just happened.” - Mr. Woo
  • “4 year old. Granny why does that woman have one big boob and one small boob?  Mortified, I turned and sighed with relief when I saw it's a mural. Then proceeded to explain perspective as the character in the picture was turned to one side.”


  • “Hey Paula, so my sister was at a funeral mass few years ago, when she said to her son, stay here with daddy. Son asked where are you going Mammy? She replies I need to sympathize with the family. The son shouted I want to see some toys too! Then she said, no no - I have to say I'm sorry, he then ask why what did you do?”


  • “My mam loves reminding me how I once asked her if sparrows have eyebrows”


  • “Morning Paula. My son loves airplanes and so we would regularly go to the airport to watch the planes. He asked me one day, when he was 5, about the jeep that was driving around and setting off bangers. I explained to him that it was to scare off the birds.  The next day we were there he said to me. Hey dad where's the man that bangs all the birds in the jeep?! I nearly cried!” - Sean, Dundalk '