We honestly can't get enough of them.

There's few things in this world more cringe-worthy than a dad on a 'comedic' roll. Whenever you bring a new friend over they feel the need to break out the Dad Jokes and we're sorry to say it looks like they're not going anywhere. Apparently dad jokes are growing in popularity. 

Although we tend to give out about them a lot - there are a few top notch Dad Jokes that floor us every time. The Early Breakfast listeners were on hand to to wake the nation up smiling (and cringing).

My girlfriend said she'd marry me once I got over my obsession with ambulances. I've done it and she'll be so happy when I got down on one knee knaw knee knaw knee knaw 

Morning Pam, what's the difference between a hippo & a zippo?......A zippo is a little lighter! Siobhán

Early morning dad joke Pamela. And on the 8th day God created Saturn, and he liked it so he put a ring on it. Niall in Tipp

A cowboy walks into a car dealership & says "Audi." Dad jokes are the best jokes.

I've been trying to teach my dog to dance but seriously he has two left legs. Andrew

I quit my job in the helium gas factory...I refused to be spoken to in that tone. Sean in Kilkenny

My daughter wanted a bouncy castle for her birthday. The guy said the rental was €50, and the set-up fee was €1000. I said: “That’s outrageous.” He just shrugged and said: “That’s inflation for you.” Wesley

Do zombies like being dead? Of corpse they do!

Yesterday I ate a clock, it was very time consuming. Especially as I went back fro seconds. Pamela 

A man goes to the doctor. What's the problem says the doctor. I'm totally addicted to Twitter the man says. The doctor replies "I'm sorry but I don't follow you" Russell

Morning Pam, saw an advert in the local paper, someone selling a tv, it read, TV for sale, €20, volume button broken but for that price I couldn't turn it down. Mick in Laois

Ok last one - this one is so bad it deserves the Dad joke of the year.!!! Horse walks into a Bar! Barman - Why the long Face? Horse - I came here looking for work and I just noticed your ad said Part-Time workers only ....I was looking for something a bit more Stable...!