Christina Aguilera is dishing the dirt

Christina Aguilera has become the latest star to join Carpool Karaoke and all we can say is...some pipes on yer wan! 

Joined briefly by Melissa McCarty, Christina and host James Corden belted out some of her best hits from 'Genie in a Bottle' to 'Beautiful' and of course, 'Dirrty'.

The star also gave the goss on her days on the Mickey Mouse Club, revealing that Oscar nominated star Ryan 'The Eyes' Gosling had a crush on fellow co-star Britney Spears.

Brit, of course, chose Justin Timberlake and that worked out just fine for everyone involved.

Though, we are getting the sense that maybe, just maybe, Christina might have wanted a look in on JT.

Have a watch and see what you think!