Or is it just the subjective perception of coincidence?

We had a severe dose of the Monday-itis on the show this morning, so I encouraged everyone to find a positive thing to look forward to today; a nice coffee before they get to work, maybe plan lunch with their favourite colleague? However, nobody seemed to be taking that bait:


“Paula I’m afraid I cannot draw any positives from this Monday morning, even though I’m trying. My commute is really long, so I might not see the kids today at all. My job is okay… but I dislike office politics and unfortunately it’s rife. And I forgot my packed lunch, leftovers from yesterday’s BBQ so I’m devo. Just pulled in for a coffee to cheer myself up and it’s too weak!! So until I win the lotto, Monday can do one!”


Speaking of Lottery – apparently number 11 is the luckiest number in the world and has been drawn more than any other number. When this was mentioned on-air, a listener sent this in, which sparked a conversation about luck… whatever that may be:

Paula winning the lotto isn’t luck! Luck is just the subjective perception of coincidence. What luck is to you is just coincidence to anyone else and to some maybe bad luck!


SO – does luck not exist? Do events happen because previous events occurred in a particular way for present/future events to occur the way they do? In other words, life is a continuous example of cause and effect? Sometimes these events happen in such a way that the outcome is good for you (good luck) and sometimes they occur is such a way that the outcome is bad for you (bad luck).



  • “I've read so many stories about incidences like when a soldier has been killed on their last day doing seemingly less threatening than being on the frontline. Or the time a businessman was late for his meeting at work because he bought new shoes and they were giving him blisters so he stopped off to get plasters and was late to work. He worked in the world trade centre and avoided death. However, there are other stories of people who shouldn’t have been there that day but ended up in the World Trade Centre… which is BAD luck.”


  • “Not lucky lottery wise or stuff like that but lucky in life... Considering the ridiculously stupid things I did when I was younger!!! I'll take that luck every day of the week!!” – Jay, Limerick


  • “Got hit by a speeding car when crossing a road, cracked the windscreen, did a flip and landed on the ground. Paramedics were worried I'd broken my neck. Several hours and xrays later I walked out with nothing but minor bruising on my back!”


  • “I won a 20,000euro car with a 10euro raffle ticket… WITH THE NUMBER 11!”


  • “Paula, in the early 90s I bought an ice cream, a Loop the Loop and won a free one (the word free was written on the stick when I was finished it), and I redeemed the free one, which contained another free one!”


  • “My mother gave me a very nice necklace. One morning I went to scratch my neck and I didn't feel it. I guess I didn't put the latch on properly and it fell off, so I got really upset because it was really nice. A few hours later I found it in my shoe. It fell down my shirt, down my pants (with a belt), and into my left shoe, which had been tightly laced!”


  • “I once did so badly on an exam that I didn't hand it in. When my teacher finished correcting it he handed back everyone's exams. With a confused expression I asked him where mine was. He said he'll go home and look for it. A week later I asked him if he found it, he said he did and that I got a B!”


  • “Hi Paula, I’ll tell you about luck. Luck is going for a few drinks one Thursday night after football training seven years ago bumping into a girl Who was out for a few drinks after work with her friends i asking her out on a date my luck she said yes we are now together seven years with a two-year-old and could not be happier. So does that make me the luckiest man alive?!” - John Laois


  • Met a girl on a nite link randomly at 4am several years ago. Now engaged, have a son and very happy!”


  • “I just turned on the radio and gather you are talking about stories of luck? Well mine is.... My mother passed away many moons ago. I finally decided it was time to do something with her rings, so I made up a beautiful ring made out of her wedding band and 2 of her engagement diamonds. I lost one of the diamonds twice but found it both times!!! The first time it was in my pocket but the second time I found it just sparkling up on the hallway of the floor at home when I was sure I lost it at work. Pure miracle!”


  • “Paula, Luck in the creative sense is different from coincidence keeping you from getting killed, or a statistically unusual chance event. It is seeing and taking advantage of a possibility because your mind is prepared to see it!”


On that note… FIN.