This is absolutely nuts

Kids today, they'll never know the struggle. Long before Youtube came along and light years before dabbing, we had to find ways to entertain ourselves. From Pogs to Dream Phones, we had some pretty questionable pastimes. 

But every year towards the end of August, a familiar giddiness would ripple through housing estates and country roads alike. The smell of autumn was in the air, and that meant one thing:conkers.

It often started with rooting through a pile of shoes, hoping to find one pair-less shoe so you could steal the laces. Next it was out to search for the biggest sturdiest conker within a 5 mile radius. Once the conker was stringed, it was all systems go for the conkers battles.

Sadly, those of us hoping to relive our childhood dreams this year are out of luck. Due to the crazy weather we've had this year, from Storm Emma to the heatwave, our conkers are smaller than usual. 

It's causing a knock on effect in the UK because the World Conker Championships (yeah, they're a real thing) might have to import conkers for the first time in it's 40 year history. So next time you see a big conker, hold on to it for dear life.