Mystery man, we salute you.


Oh, January. We never thought we'd see the end of you. With your dreary weather, endless bills and dark evenings, you were a tough one to get through.

But, get through it we did and it's onto February, the shortest and perhaps most romantic month of the year. And this email we received from a listener, has kicked it off in the best way imaginable.

Gillian Littlefield got in touch with Dermot & Dave this morning to tell them the lovely thing a random stranger did for her young daughter this week.

Gillian wrote:

"Hi Dermot and Dave,

Hopefully you’ll get a chance to read this out as I would love this person to know how he brightened up my daughter’s day !

On Tuesday, sixteen year old daughter was in Pearse St DART station with a friend from school.

She was a bit upset and wasn’t having a great day.

A young guy who was waiting on a train on the opposite platform arrived over to her with a bunch of flowers!

Absolutely no agenda, he just gave them to her and said he hoped they would make her happier and headed off on his way... she was morto as you can imagine but also delighted with herself and it really cheered her up !

This made her day and really proves that there are just some really kind people out there!! If he’s really that sound I’m sure he listens to your show so if you could give this nice guy a shout out to say thanks it would mean a lot :-)



So, to the random gentleman of Pearse Street station, we salute you. You've got us all feeling like this:


Have a listen to the lads' full chat with Gillian here: