Some nostalgia from the 80s and 90s!

According to researchers, if a memory is from before the age of 2, it is almost certainly fictional! For the 40% of us who claim to have a memory from our first 2 years, it's likely been created after seeing photos or hearing recollections from others.

My earliest memory is at the age of 3, going to playschool. I took one look in the door and decided, nope. I ran back to my mam's yellow car and jumped back in. Being one of 8 children, she had no time for that nonsense, and I was swiftly returned to the school, where I stayed until home-time (and then didn't actually want to go home). 

Here are some early memories from the listeners of The Early Breakfast:


  • “Hi earliest recollection is being up with my dad late at night watching Queen live at Wembley. The year was 1985 and I was born in June 1983. I had cooking pots and plastic buckets upturned, and using knives I imitated Rodger Taylor on the drum, and my dad too who’s a drummer..and so am I! It definitely happened, it’s no fantasy!” - Trucker Jim


  • “Morning Paula, I can pinpoint exactly what age I was for my first memory. I was just over two and it was when Pope John Paul II came to the Phoenix Park. I was in the pram and my mum told me to wave to my dad who was a steward on the day. There was me waving at the Pope. Meet a confused two year old. (Ok I may have added the last bit but I definitely remember the first bit)”


  • “My earliest memory is sitting on a blanket in front of the fire watching Nik Kershaw I Won't Let The Sun Go Down On Me on the TV on Top of the Pops in 1984 and I would have been 3!” - Mark


  • “When I was 3, my sister ate the gorgeous little shoes made of icing off the top of my birthday cake. I still haven't forgiven her!”


  • “When I was 3-4, SOME KID IN PLAYSCHOOL pushed me and I fell on the ground. When I started crying, an adult came over and gave out to both of us, even though I hadn't done anything!”


  • “My earliest memory is crèche-related too. I was about 3 and cows broke in to the garden of the crèche. We were not allowed out until they were rounded up. I remember being glued to the window. I wouldn’t mind but we had cows in our garden at home regularly. Very country!” - Larry from Waterford


  • “One of my earliest memories was when I was roughly 3 or 4. I remember my first rainbow. My younger brother and I were just so enthralled that there was a colourful stripe in the sky!”


  • “Good morning Paula. I was one of five kids,  my first memory was of creche, I was three, my mom dropped me off. I wasn’t happy and cried the whole way there - I hated the itchy jumper I had on and Ijust didn't want to be there at all. She had to work but felt so bad leaving me she came back at lunch time with some buns for me! I just mashed them up in my fingers and dropped them on the floor… I was such a little shit! Still feel bad about it 37 years later. - Jeff


  • “My earliest memory is when I was 2 when a dog bit me on the head. I still have a slight scar from it. No photos and no one was there so I think I remember because it was traumatic!”


  • “My earliest memory is of going with my mother to her midwife when she was pregnant with my little sister. I was 3 and totally baffled by all of this baby-in-belly malarkey!”


  • “Morning P. My earliest memory was asking mam for money for the shop and she said no. I was about 6! Saw her put her purse into the top of the wardrobe at the back.  Everest to a child! She left the room and up onto the bed bedpost I went, balancing on one foot like a ballerina! Leaned in and my finger tips hit the purse… but the next thing I know, I'm sprawled out on the floor with the wardrobe on top of me!” - Birdman


  • “My earliest memory is my parents making me go down a water slide at an amusement park. I was 3, I remember crying all the way up the stairs while I waited in line with my mom. I remember sitting in the tube with my mom, in front of her between her legs. I remember crying all the way down, and at the bottom, and remember crying as they changed me into dry clothes on a picnic table. Poor parents. Just wanted me to have fun!”


  • “Morning Paula. My earliest memory was when I was 3. My father was a postman. He delivered post from the bike. One morning he came in to bring the older brother to school. He wasn’t leaving me behind. I kicked up such a fuss that he stuck me in the front of the bike on top of the letters. After that bike ride I never went again!” - Niall


  • “Hi Paula, my earliest vivid memory was when I was about 4 and a half. I threw a hammer through a window.... In my defense I was making sure I had put it back in the shed like my Dad had told me to, but the door of the shed was locked. It was also the first time I heard my dad drop the F bomb!”


  • “My earliest memory was being in the playpen, so I must have been 2 or 3 years old. My mother heard me screaming and came to check me. I was backed into one corner and in the opposite corner was a spider.....and to this day(I'm 34) I have a fear of spiders!” - Brendan in Cork


  • “Paula, my earliest memory is may 1968; my brothers birthday, my parents, brothers myself and Timmy the dog. It was a black Morris Minor, reg number DIM 118!” - Jaki


  • “Hi, I remember falling into the crop of nettles at the side of our house July 1982 when mother was in hospital having my brother I was 2 years and 2 months old. Used to be nettles everywhere in the 80's.”


  • “Paula, earliest memories for me is when my sister and I were getting a family photo taken in cork and we were fighting, was about 2 & a half. Photo is on my parents wall and we look like angels!” - Tom in Cork


  • “Hey Paula, 1 of my earliest memories is when my mother, my sister and I were walking through a busy street. Leather coats were in at the time.  So we were walking through the street, me hanging on to the back of my mother’s coat for about 10 minutes… only for me to look around to see my mother and sister cracking up. Wrong coat!” - Barry


  • “Hi Paula, when I was 2, an old shed door fell on me and broke my collar bone. I can clearly remember lying under the door and our dog barking me!” - Pete in Westmeath