People had some things they needed to say...ahem.

Fergal D'Arcy gave his listeners the chance to get it off their chest and anonymously reveal to the nation something that's been on their mind, unsaid and unrevealed...until now!


Here's just some of what's been buried in our nation's psyche...


'Dear guy from the silvermines... guess you didn't like the taste of a white magnum.... anon '


'Dear Coppers boy, please stop texting me drunk if you can't be bothered texting me sober'

'Dear person with the big dog. Please stop your dog doing massive shites in my front garden. I have enough to pick up after my own dogs. I look forward to a clean response. Regards Anon. '

'Dear cute gentleman who took me on a date a few weeks back, When I was wearing your scarf on our date, I purposely sprayed my own perfume on it when I went to the ladies. That's why it smelt of me the next day! Anonymous'

'Dear sister in law. U are a horrible evil pathetic person. Anon' 

'Dear best friends sister I'm still single because i fell in love with you years ago and cant get you out of my head even tough i know you have no interest. Anon'

'Dear Ex...I really wish there could be something between us again!

Like a wall.. you passive aggressive melt! Anon'

'Dear younger self, please don't go to that wedding it will end in d worst night of ur life. Please be nicer to urself, ur not as fat as u think u are and living in Galway was d happiest time in ur life embrace every minute of it. Stop smoking sooner! Love ur older self. Anon'

'Dear Voldermort, I was infatuated by you. You broke my heart. That was the longest flight of my life. I hope you step in dog shit daily, I hope your internet is always slow and I hope you always miss the last step on every staircase. Anon'

'Dear guy from Claremorris! Whom I spent nearly 13 hours with in a&e in Castlebar on Friday night last. I hope you got seen soon after that & all was ok?  Hope you made the wedding on Saturday and ye were both able to enjoy it. Many thanks for the company, anonymous'


Hope you all feel a little better people. More Anonymous next Thursday on The Fergal D'Arcy Show.