And you didn't disppoint....

Ferg is a fan of the ink and he asked his listeners to fire in their own and WOW!!

This is a tattoo of my moms fav πŸ’ flower geraniums as she passed away 9 years ago and my name my daughter and my moms name it’s my only tattoo and I love it πŸ’•from lynda Mcc in kerry


 For my Ironman in Barcelona 2016. Top one from platelets donations when I hit the century of donations πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ



"This was to remember by Dad who passed in 2013, fly fishing was our thing when I was a kid"


I got this tattoo of my girl's names with an angel protecting them - Tony


Hi Ferg and Ed... this is my favourite tattoo..... only true legends know the band.....

"It's fair to say my mate is a James Arthur fan"