The Spartan Race came to Ireland last weekend and there was only ONE man to take it on...

Ferg took part in the inaugural Spartan Race in Punchestown last Sunday and here's how he got on in his own words...




The sun was splitting the rocks outside, and with a heavy heart and head (after the Leinster victory) I decided this was to be the day… the day to take on the titans.  Flimsily clad in a headband, vest and black leggings it was time to embark on one of the greatest challenges I’d ever do, Spartan Race Ireland.


On arriving at Punchestown, you fail to realise the actual power of an event like this to unite strangers, flare up competitiveness or even spark hope in an individual’s strength, courage or confidence.  


Event’s like this are soo much more than just a couple of lunatics running around a field.

This is a challenge that reminds you, that you are indeed alive.


As 5000 people, now spartans, descended on the venue the atmosphere was electric. Whispers of encouragement, the shaking of hands and the thundering voice of Spartan Phil as warmed up the crwod.  Chants of ‘ARUU ARUU!’ rolled through the air and in my head all that resonated was -’LET’S GO TO WAR!’


As an avid fan of obstacle courses I have to say this one really was the toughest to date. Eight foot walls, rope climbs, bar swings and dead weights all combined to form a formidable challenge over the 5 km plus ‘SPARTAN SPRINT’ Race.


I have to tip my hat to the organisers and volunteers, Spartan you were an impressive beast and formidable opponent… we will meet again in the future as rivals.


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