This will give you paws for thought.

It's running from Feb. 19 to Feb. 23. Of course you knew that!

The idea is that National Drink Wine Day (Feb 18) and National Love Your Pet Day (Feb 20th) have been combined to create one massive holiday called National Drink Wine With Your Cat Week.


And to celebrate it a company called PetWinery,have made a non-alcoholic product that is not only safe for cats, but has health benefits as well.

Their  ‘CatWine’ 'Cat-Tini', and 'Moeow & Chandon' Champurrgne are made with filtered water, infused with organic catnip and enriched with salmon oil, which is packed with Omega-3 fatty acids. This helps maintain healthy skin, supports a healthy immune system, fosters a bright and lustrous coat and supports cardiovascular health.”

So, it’s great for them and they won’t get hammered. Nobody wants a drunk cat. Nobody.

Here's one moggy enjoying a sup!


And it's not just the moggys getting all the love. They also have a doggy version.