Some interesting answers here!

This morning, we read in the news about a boy in the UK whose skin turned orange after he became addicted to eating jars of baby food. He got over his addiction by having therapy and his skin returned to normal.


I can relate to the addiction bit. There’s not a lot I wouldn’t do these days for a box of fresh cherries, even though they are ridiculously expensive. They’re so sweet and juicy and delicious...

How far have you gone for something you really, really want? Some interesting answers from the listeners of the Early Breakfast!


  • “I love pickle and peanut butter sandwiches and I will go to the ends of the earth to defend them.”


  • “When I was young, I would eat leaves I found on the ground. I have no idea why I did this but for a little while when my nanny took me and my siblings to the park I would walk around the slides and just look for leaves that had fallen off trees, and I would just quickly eat them!”


  • “Sometimes I crave Pineapple pizza that has barbecue sauce instead of tomato sauce. Definitely the best pizza ever!”


  • “I know someone who had such a craving for a Burger King Burger he asked his friend who was coming to visit to bring him one. Thing is this friend was sitting beside me on the flight from London to JOHANNESBURG! Yes he got his friend to fly him down a burger to a country with excellent meat!”


  • “When I was a baby my mam told me that I use to only eat Red Jelly and Hard Boiled Eggs mixed together in a bowl.”


  • “Paula this might be the other way around but I once needed a lift home after a night out, as you can imagine I had enough money for food or enough money for a taxi! A new pizza place opened up in our town and was doing deliveries till late! So I ordered a delivery, waited at the drivers car asked him to drop me home as well. He kinda had no choice cause if he didn’t he wouldn’t have gotten paid! The late night deliveries soon stopped when others found out what I did.”


  • “Hi Paula. I remember we were swimming in the canal years ago were I'm from and I had a cotton mouth I said joking I'd do anything for a drink from the shop and of course one of my friends said eat some of that cow shite I thought for a second and said I'll do it for a pound and I did it and got my pound.”


  • “Sometimes I'll just dip buttered toast in ketchup and there’s nothing you can do about it. Delicious.”


  • “Good morning sweet P. Many moons ago on a Sunday morning, very tired after 1 or 2 the night before. I was sitting on the couch I called bed the night before and I got a craving for a kebab so I headed to Abrakebabra in Eyre Square in Galway. Not too bad but I lived nearly 130km away from it. Mmmmmm kebab.” - John in the yellow van


  • “Morning Paula. Toast....piping hot with proper butter.....then sprinkle on malt vinegar(none of that white much!!) Don't knock it until you try it!” – Kevin Mc


  • “So Paula, a straight choice between food and taxi it was. Food won, and I was happy to sleep in my car in town. Until my recent ex girlfriend texted offering, well something better than curry chips. As she was in a new house, I had only a vague idea where her house was. Off walking I struck, about half an hour later I realised I was lost so started flagging traffic to see if someone could give me directions. As no one was stopping I stood out in the middle of the street to stop what I thought was a bread van. Turned out to be a Paddy wagon. Safe to say I didn’t see the action I was hoping for that night!” - Conor


  • “Tayto crisps, processed peas (Batchelors) and a bit of ketchup on Brennans bread! Your only man.” - Peter in Laois


  • “Hi Paula. I was flying to New York 2 years ago. A friend was living there at the time and was craving good baked beans... so I lumped 8 cans of Bachelors finest into my bag... weight limitations be dammed. Customs officer was confused but laughed about it once he heard the story!”