Turn 'to the left, to the left'...

As well spoken as the lovely lady on your Sat Nav is, let's face it, sometimes she can get really annoying. 

So Fergal asked his listeners to send who they really want as the voice on their Sat Nav. We are loving all of these suggestions:

1.   Morgan Freeman

"Imagine Morgan Freeman telling you how to get somewhere...you'd feel like you were starring in your own epic road trip movie"

2. Anne Doyle

"Ann Doyle who used to read the news years ago.........I'd go anywhere she told me. Calm but firm"

3. Emma Stone

"I love Emma Stone's voice, it's so quirky and sounds likes she's going to p*ss herself laughing at any minute"

4. Tom Cruise

"I would listen to Tom Cruise telling me where to go...also it would be like being in a Mission Impossible movie"

5. Beyoncé 

"My dream sat nav voice would be Queen Bey...and it goes without saying she'd have to sing your destination is 'to the left, to the left'"

6. David Attenborough

"The most soothing voice in the planet is David Attenborough....I feel like he would really help with my road rage" 

7. Mila Kunis

"There is no other voice I would love to hear when I'm in a flap tryna find where I'm going then the sultry tones of Mila Kunis" 

8. Arnold Schwarzenegger


Of course, the conversation soon moved to who would annoy the crap out of you...turns out there are quite a few annoying voices:

1. Janice from 'Friends'

"Janice from friends would do my head in...i even have to switch off friends when she comes on, good god"

2. Donald Trump

3. Saoirse Ronan

"I know she's a great actress and all but seriously...where is her accent from?? dublin/carlow/america it does my head in."

4. The Kardashians

"Any of the kardashians. id throw my sat nav out the window"

 5. Katie Hopkins

"Katie Hopkins , worst sat nav voice ever . I'd take public transport instead"