And other lies you told your parents!

"Morning Paula, shout out to me this morning, finally handed in my thesis this week – it’s all over! And I can’t even tell anyone... because I lied to everyone 11 years ago and told them I had completed a Masters when I actually hadn’t. I wasted a full year, while living at home rent free and my parents really looked after me that year. Finally, the guilt can subside (hopefully! If this thesis works out!!)"


WOW! That’s a pretty big lie… but this texter wasn’t alone!


“OMG same Paula! My mother thinks I graduated university with a Master's degree 4 years ago… I actually never graduated, but I lied to workplace as well and luckily it was never questioned. Since I'm fairly well self-educated in my field it never was an issue… so far!”


It’s confession hour on Early Breakfast:


  • “I broke my younger brother's brand new bed. He literally had it for a week and I blamed his big-bonededness. My parents agreed!"


  • “I gave a girlfriend a bracelet belonging to my mam when I was younger. My mam never found out!”


  • “Morning Paula. When I was 18 and my partner 17 we got pregnant her parents never found out till labour day as she was terrified to tell them to this day I don t know how she managed to hide it and lie to them!”


  • I put my fist through the wall behind my old bedroom door at my parents' house many years ago. To this day, they have no idea it is there thanks to a strategically placed Star Wars poster that I never took down!”


  • “Hi Paula I'm from Jersey when I was 15 myself and my mate pretend to be at each other house for sleepover but we actually went to Paris to see Prince in his Naked tour!” - Clint


  • “P, I wanted to leave school at 15 after the Junior Cert, but my mam said no. I got honours in every subject but I told her I failed every subject… so she said if you get a job, you can leave and I never looked back!” – Kieran in Galway


  • “Hey sweetpea, I used to smoke,  quit, went back on them, quit them again, started vaping, and quit that. All without the folks knowing!”


  • “In 1979 I borrowed my dad's car and it got written off and for legal reasons can't tell you what happened!”


  • “My granny had come fairly expensive jewellery, and when she died she left a piece to every woman in the family. I was 13 and told not to wear my ring out of the house because it was a bit loose on me. I did and lost it within a month of her death. Every now and then my mom asks about it and I say, yeah it's in a box in one of my drawers, I don't wear it because I don't want to lose it!”


  • “Mam that teacher doesn’t even like me! She failed everyone”


  • “I’m going to my friends to do my homework. That goes hand in hand with YES. Her parents WILL be there – there’s only going to be a few of us there anyway!”