We've all had a "KEVIN!" moment

Allow me to set the scene. You've been meticulous about your packing. You checked the route on Google Maps beforehand to ensure there are no mishaps. All your liquids fit perfectly into your plastic bag. The journey to the airport is flawless and you're all set. Except for one tiny issue - your passport is sitting pretty on your bedside locker.

A few weeks go I was going to a gig and, rather uncharacteristically, forgot the tickets. This morning on Early Breakfast I wanted to hear about the times you forgot a pretty vital element in your life:

Morning Pamela. So I didn’t forget tickets but I’m a runner got to a race one day and didn’t have my running shorts. Had to just run in the jeans. Niall 

I was coming back from Norway, and left my passport in the house of some friends. So with no passport I managed to bluff my way through immigration at Heathrow

In 2006 when I was in Australia for 1 year working holiday. I was going to New Zealand  after Oz. I missed my flights by 3 weeks. David from Kilkenny

Good morning Pam, I forgot my towel when I went to the gym last week I had to dry myself with a spare t shirt after my shower. Classy!! Happy Monday JB

I was the best man at my best friends wedding and managed to forget to bring the rings. Safe to say I was in a bit of trouble! Shay

I somehow managed to forget to bring my driving licence to my test. Had to fork out €80 for another test! Raging. Paula

I did what I only thought happened in movies - I forgot to bring my wallet on a first date and had to ask my lady friend to pay. She's now my wife, so it could have been a lot worse!  James