'Paula I’m over EP! I don’t want to see words like “revellers”  anymore who “took to Twitter” to "showcase" their weekend.... ugh!' - a fed-up listener of Early Breakfast today. 

Okay, let's stop with the internet speak - not everything is EPIC and AMAZEBAGS and we're not all "living our best lives".

In fact: the listeners of The Early Breakfast decided to compile a list we MUST adhere to. These words and phrases are banned and here is said list:


  • Took to twitter
  • Living my best life
  • Hashtag winning. Unless you’re part of the Dublin squad for 70 minutes yesterday, NO.
  • Just saying Paula. How annoying. WE ARE ALL JUST SAYING!!!
  • What about bored.com or dying.com?
  • When someone puts some drama up but won't say what it is just to get likes and attention and wait for the 'u OK hun? Pm me' - sooooo annoying Paula! From Hayley on the way to Dublin
  • FACT
  • ... rant over
  • Me thinks……are you 5 years old?!
  • Epic FAIL
  • Hi Paula, what really grinds my gears is the fact that 'inbox (noun) has now become a verb, usually used in a manner similar to 'inbox me hun, xox!
  • Use of the word “ledge” it’s legendary , the word you’re using is a narrow, flat area with a slope underneath
  • Lolcano
  • #yolo Paula #lolj
  • Woop woop!
  • When my mother died a friend text me: sorry to hear about your mother LOL. He thought it meant lots of love