To beard or not to beard...

Irish males are among the top in the world when it comes to forking out on grooming products, spending a WHOPPING €29.10 a year on grooming products.

That’s almost 3 euro a month! Steady on, lads.

Products such as beard oil have sky-rocketed since beards came into fashion again, and the listeners of the Early Breakfast have mixed feelings when it comes to facial hair.

Lots of people would think that it depends on the guy. Does it grow like Hugh Jackman's beard? Then yes, by all means, grow a beard. Does it grow like Mathew McConaghey’s beard? Might be best to shave it in that case. Play to your strengths, guys.

One thing everyone agreed on today was that goatees are a no-no. Don’t do it guys.



  • “Morning SweetP. Shaved the beard off 2 years ago and herself wouldn’t come near me for a month. Finally did and 9 months later our son was born. Beards are baby makers!” - P in Kilkenny


  • “If you have a beard when we meet, you cannot shave it off from that point on. It changes your face and you become a different person!”


  • “Paula. The beard thing is gone crazy; you see hipsters and they all say they're pure, one of a kind individuals? LADS YE ALL LOOK THE SAME. Not very cool or individual lol!” - Niall in Tipp


  • “Beard oil does more than keep it in place. It stops beard itch, it revitalizes the hair follicle.... and finally....makes you look so DAMN COOL!” - BEARDEDTRUCKER


  • “Hi Paula. Beard oil. Notions. That is all!” - Mark


  • “Beards. The mullets of the 90's.” - Jonkos in Galway


  • “Heyyy Paula, what's the name of a hat for your beard when working in factories and kitchens? A SNOOD! Yup... very cool!” - JJ and Brian


  • “Paula, been growing me beard for a while now. The missus likes it now but not on the way here. Beard oil is great, stops it from being itchy! However, I'm doing a head shave and beard shave for The Irish Cancer Society... Going from very hairy to bald as an egg!” – Eamonn


  • “Can't grow a beard. Have to shave after two days as the itching drives me crazy.” - Ger in Cork


  • “I like a little beard or stubble. Facial hair is a yes from me, but not sure about a full on Santa style beard.”


  • “Either/or. Beards are good for looking at. Smooth is good for smoochin’!”


  • “Paula, a fella once told me beards are used by not so good looking lads to hide their faces!” - Kevin the beardless trucker 


  • “I used to be staunchly anti-beard. But I've seen a few clean cut looking chaps who I thought looked quite handsome and manly with a full beard. Don’t come near me with a goatee though. YUCK.”


  • “Goatees are the devil”


  • “I'm almost always pro-beard. Some men do look better without – especially if they can only grow patchy beards - but for the most part men look fantastic with facial hair. I'm in my 30's and men my age without beards tend to look very young to me.”


  • “Beard. Long enough to not be pokey on my face but short enough that it doesn't start curling and looking like a mountainy man!”